No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0783

Jack chuckled in return. His words made the crowd rendered speechless.

This freaking snob had become more and more braggy. The other party was the Drake family; not some other small shrimps, and he actually dared to say such a thing.

Jack and the others went back to their home not long after.

The next two or three days, the Taylor family were living in a state of fear; whenever any of the Taylors went out, it was necessary to bring along dozens of bodyguards.

While in Jack’s villa, Fiona did not let Jack and Selena out at all cost; everyone must stay at home.

After two more days had passed and there were no signs of the Drake family then Fiona felt a huge relief. It seemed like the Drake family was not planning to avenge Young Master Drake.

“Hell no!”

The head of Eagle Clan—Lee Neuman—who had waited for several days for an explosive battle between the Drakes and Jack, was tongue-tied at the current situation. How could he have imagined that the episode of Jack beating up Young Master Drake would be settled in such a perfunctory manner?

Although the Drake family had announced that it was only a mild injury, Timothy was the young master of the Drake family after all. How could the Drakes swallow this anger?

In the end, the outcome was only that the Drake family had discontinued the South Hill Real Estate contract with the Taylor family. Nothing else other than that.

“James Drake, such a coward! He’s really…”

Lee was speechless for a while. He initially had planned to use James Drake to get rid of Jack, but he had never expected that the Drakes were such cowards!

“Master, I think it’d be better for us to follow the original plan. James Drake is a meticulous and careful man. And since the Young Master Drake was only mildly injured, and since the other party does not want to pursue further, we basically can’t do anything!”

The middle-aged man looked at Lee and spoke.

“Right. It looks like that’s the only way to go!”

Lee balled his fists firmly and responded.

“We’ve to capture a few men from the Green Sky Hall. Once Jack kills our men, we’ll kill those men as well! Only that way we can frame the Green Sky Hall for the deed!”

After pondering on the matter, Lee reminded the middle-aged man carefully.

“Don’t worry, Master. We’ll first capture three guys from the Green Sky hall and take away their tokens. It’s much more easier this way. The moment our men die, the men from the Green Sky Hall will die too!”

The middle-aged man revealed a sinister grin.

“All right. Go ahead!”

Lee gestured a wave of dismissal toward the man.

“Dear, there are only ten days away from your birthday! Let’s go out and have a stroll on the street!”

Jack held Selena’s hand in his as he laughed.

“Honey, we haven’t made any reservation with the hotel, right? Why don’t we do that now? And I think there aren’t many halls to choose from right now. Damn! Why did this freaking Cecelia have to do her wedding on the same day as our party! Not many people will come to our party then!”

Selena flashed a bitter smile and continued, “But…hmmm…this isn’t bad too. The billion would be enough to cover everything, but then now, perhaps, you are only left with a few hundred million. We should spend wisely, just a few tables here and there and some basics will do. Let me calculate… I think 10 million should be enough to pay for everything!”

“My dear wife, please don’t worry about it. I’ve booked the hotel!”

Jack smiled lightly and continued, “Just relax and wait for your birthday!”

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