No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0785

The three girls were so frightened that they ran off at a lighting speed.

Jack, on the other hand, squatted down and pulled off the tokens from the men’s waist. There were three words carved on the tokens—Green Sky Hall.

“Hmmm. It looked like these three are some honourable underlings in the Green Sky Hall, otherwise they wouldn’t have these tokens.

Jack let out a frosty-cold chuckle. His fists clenched tightly.

“Jack, you could just teach them a lesson! Why did you kill them!”

Selena quickly ran towards Jack and questioned in a worry tone. “You’ll have offended the Green Sky Hall now that you’ve killed their men. This is the Green Sky Hall! I heard that behind them, there’s a stronger and more powerful figure! I remember the name is called something like what, Kingston Hall? That Kingston Hall is nothing but the greatest of all Halls.”

“My dear wife, don’t you worry about it. I have a good relationship with the Goddess of War, Lana. We’re basically best buddies!”

Jack laughed wholeheartedly at his wife’s concerns and threw the token aside before taking Selena’s hand and whispered, “Hmmm. We’ve no plans today, why don’t we pay a visit to Lana’s God of War Manor?”

“Are we really going? Will she agree to meet us? After all, she is the strong and mighty Goddess of War!”

Selena’s plump and rosy lower lip was in between her teeth. She felt that Jack was overconfident. It was true that Jack had saved Lana’s life on the battlefield, but Lana had returned the favor!

Jack’s plan to play Lana a sudden visit, was it really a good idea?

“C’mon! It’ll be okay, don’t worry!”

“Everything went so freaking well!”

While inside a car in the distance not too far from Jack and Selena, a man was incomparably excited. “That’s too great! It’s too f*cking great! I thought that Jack would’ve questioned them which hall they belonged to and make them kill themselves or something along that line. I didn’t expect that Jack was so hot headed and actually killed them without hesitation!”

“Boss, what should we do next?”

The two other men inside the car asked.

“What should we do next? Are you dumb or retard? Get out and dispose of the corpses! It’s better to burn them and get rid of any evidence. Then we’ll go back and kill the three real Green Sky Hall men that we captured the other day!”

An evil grin appeared on the middle-aged man’s feature. “I’m pretty confident that Jack will definitely go to the Green Sky Hall and make a huge fuss of the matter!”

The middle-aged man and the other two, went off to kill the three men from Green Sky Hall after handling the three breathless bodies, and then they returned to Eagle clan and reported to the Head happily.

While currently, Jack and Selena were chatting and strolling nonchalantly in a mall. They went to pick a pair of jade bracelets for Lana, the Goddess of War, then not long after they arrived at Lana’s manor.

In front of the manor, there were several bodyguards hired by Lana. It seemed like they were recent hires because apparently Lana did not want others to simply pay a visit to her and disturb her life. That was why these bodyguards were hired.

“Gentlemen, we’re from the Taylor family, this is Miss Selena, and I’m her husband. I’ve come to pay a special visit to the Goddess of War!”

Jack smiled and spoke to the bodyguards.

“The Taylor family?”

One of the bodyguards was dumbstruck for a moment, then he waved his hand. “I’m sorry but both of you better leave the manor. Even if a first-class family like the Georges, the Monts and so on, came to visit, our Goddess of War wouldn’t see them. Not to mention that you’re merely some Taylors!”

“He’s right. There was once James from the Drake family came to pay a visit, he was shooed away!”

Another bodyguard guffawed mockingly.

“Oh, then I shall trouble you to inform the Goddess of War about our arrival. I believe if you’ve informed her, she’ll definitely see us!”

Jack chortled in a disdain manner. If he were not afraid of his identity being exposed, he would really give these guys a good scold. He came here to visit his own disciple, yet these shrimps dared to stop him. If Joseph Smith, Fernando Campbell and Ethan Hays witnessed this scene, they would have laughed their head off.

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