No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0786

“Sigh! Bro, it’s not that I don’t want to help you. Even if I inform the Goddess of War, it’ll be in vain!”

A bodyguard let out a defeated sigh. “The outcome will be the same—she won’t see you!”

However, he went inside as Jack told even though he had shown impatience in his tone.

“Sir, Ma’am, the Goddess of War has a visitor today—the Queen of War—from another city. She deliberately flew a thousand miles to visit our Goddess of War. I heard that they have a close relationship. And this Queen of War is one of Goddess of War’s subordinates too. So I guess the possibility of Goddess of War willing to see you today, is non-existent!”

Another bodyguard sneered coldly at Jack and Selena and cast them a disrespectful stare.

These people were from the Taylor family, a family who was lucky to be upgraded to a second-class family recently, and yet desired to meet the Goddess of War. Not to mention that Jack was merely an adopted son-in-law of the Taylors. He was confident that the Goddess of War would definitely shut them out.

Soon after, the bodyguards who had reported the incident all ran out at the speed of light, staring at Jack and Selena in reverence. “Sir, Ma’am, the Goddess of War has agreed to see you. Please follow me!”

“No way!”

The other bodyguards involuntarily released exclamations of shock. They never thought that the Goddess of War Lana would actually agree to see Jack and Selena.

Soon enough, Jack and Selena were brought into a hall in the villa. A Queen of War in her thirties was chatting with the Goddess of War.

“I have such esteemed guests. I never thought that the two of you would come to see me today!”

Selena seemed a little nervous. There was a Queen of War and a Goddess of War right before her, and both of them were from the very top of society. Even though she had met bigshots before, there was no way she could remain calm before such eminent figures.

“Hmmm. Not bad at all! Your house is well furnished! How opulent!”

Selena did not at all expect Jack to be so comfortable at Lana’s manor; he did not greet nor salute politely to Lana and the Queen of War, instead he started roaming around and admiring the decoration.

Selena quickly pulled the corner of Jack’s sleeve to remind him of the courtesy.

Only then did Jack arched his hands before the two ladies and greeted politely. “It’s my pleasure to meet you, the Goddess of War, Lana Zechs and the Queen of War, Queenie Lynch!”

“You know me?”

There were signs of shock and surprise in Queenie’s eyes. A moment ago when Lana heard that Jack was here, she was flabbergasted with joy and could barely conceal her delight. She did not even think twice before ordering her bodyguards to let Jack and Selena in.

Therefore, she was a little bit curious about this man—Jack White, wondering who this man really was, to actually be able to get such high regard and respect from Lana.

“I often heard of the Goddess of War mentioning your name. Hence, I naturally know who you are! Queenie Lynch, the Queen of War, who is not only good-looking but also her Flying-Dagger technique is impeccable. Especially the battle at the mouth of the River Hartmonth, it was marvelous and made you famous since then!”

Jack chuckled and spewed those words out slowly.


Queenie’s cheeks were immediately kissed pink at Jack’s words. How could this stranger before him know her so well?

The most shocking news was that he said that Lana often mentioned her to him. Did this mean that he always mingled with Lana? In that case, the identity of this adopted son-in-law of the Taylor family was clearly not simple.

“Jack and Sister-in-law, welcome to my humble abode. Just make yourself comfortable. Jack is like my brother, always taking care of me, so don’t feel shy or anything, okay?”

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