No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0787

What shocked Selena further was that Lana took the initiative to lean forward and shake her hand. Lana smiled at Selena warmly as she welcomed them with open arms.

“This…How can this be okay?”

Selena was flattered and astonished, at the same time, she did not know how to respond.

“What’s not okay with that? As I said, Jack and I are really close, best buddies that kind of close. So it’s natural for me to call you sister-in-law.

As Lana spoke, her expressive eyes looked towards Jack and then only wheeled back to facing Selena.

Seeing such intimate behaviors between both of them, reminded Selena of the episode that happened last time. Although the rumor of Jack being the sugar baby of Lana was purely a misunderstanding and Jack did not meet with Lana at all afterward, Selena could help but feel doubtful of their relationship.

The relationship between Jack and Lana seemed beyond the ordinary ‘good’. Moreover, Lana called her ‘sister-in-law’, could it be that the two of them truly had an ambiguous yet romantic relationship?

Even if Jack was not Lana’s sugar baby, such a relationship only happened when the two had reached somewhat an ambiguous romantic level, otherwise, why would Lana allow them in so easily, and she was being way too enthusiastic about their visit.

“Oh right! By the way, this pair of bracelets is from Jack and me. We pick it for you, hope you’ll like it, the Goddess of War!”

Selena flashed an awkward smile. She quickly thought of something and handed over the gift box to Lana.

“Really? Wow! You shouldn’t have! Mi casa es su casa. Just treat my house as your own, you don’t have to buy me anything!”

Lana laughed joyously, and then continued, “Feel free to walk around! I’ll ask the kitchen to prepare a few more dishes and we’ll have a few drinks at noon later! I’m so, so, so happy that you guys can come today!”

Lana disappeared from the living room to find the chefs right after she finished her sentence.

More questions and doubts were mushrooming inside Selena’s heart. She felt that the relationship between Jack and Lana was not simple. Besides, Lana had mentioned several times that just treated her house as their own, could this be a hint of something?

“Could it be that they have a relationship beyond friendship, and they want me to have mental preparation first?”

Selena bit her rosy lips as she murmured to herself. It would not be a bad idea if Jack were to have Lana as his second wife and everyone lived together.

After all, Jack was a man who liked to stir up troubles. He had just offended the Drake family a few days ago. This behavior of his was too worrying and made the people around him unable to sleep well at night as they were afraid of revenge from the Drake family.

Hence, if Jack was together with Lana, then even the Drake family would not dare to offend any of them. Besides, Lana was an attractive woman with such an alluring good figure, and she had high status as well. It was a blessing for Jack to be with her.

“Dear, what’re you thinking about?”

Jack noticed that Selena was pondering deeply about something, he could not help but let out a small smile. “C’mon, let’s go outside for a casual walk. It’s really nice and wide here.” He took her hand as he spoke.

After saying that, Jack turned his head, faced Queenie, and said, “Dear Queen of War, would you like to join us for a stroll outside?”

“I’d rather not. I’ve already walked around with Goddess of War a moment ago. Please go ahead without me!”

Queenie laughed warmly. If she agreed to walk with them, she would be the third wheel. How could she be the third wheel when she saw the couple was all lovey-dovey?

“Dear, Lana was not bad at all. As a Goddess of War, she’s not arrogant nor brazen!”

When they were outside, Selena asked Jack and looked at him like a sneaky thief. She wanted to study his reaction.

“Well, she’s indeed a good woman!”

Jack bobbed in agreement. Lana was his disciple, of course, he knew that she was good.

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