No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0788

Hope bloomed inside Selena when she heard Jack’s opinion on Lana. It looked like Jack had a good impression of Lana. In that case, was it possible for them to be together? Or perhaps they had been in an ambiguous relationship that was beyond friendship for a long time?

At least, Jack did not reject Lana like how he did to Sharon George.

“You really think that she’s a good woman? I think the same too!”

Selena lowered her head as she verified. Then she continued in a lower voice, “If…If both of you think highly of each other, then…then… I think, dear, you can have her as the second wife. I totally accept it!”

Jack’s eyes were as wide as saucers and his jaw dropped to the ground upon hearing what Selena had spewed. “Huh? What’s wrong, honey? What nonsense are you talking about? I do think that she’s a good woman but I don’t think of her in that way!”

“But, what’s wrong with that? Since both of you feel good about each other, we might as well think in that direction. And perhaps you will slowly develop feelings for her!”

Selena burst out. “Besides, if you are together, I don’t have to be afraid that you’ll get into trouble and die one day! Because Lana can protect you!”

“She protects me?”

A speechless look covered Jack. “It’s more like I protect her!”

“Stop spilling nonsense again. She is the Goddess of War, how could you protect her? Do you even have that ability to protect her?”

Selena did not know to laugh or to cry at Jack’s account. She held his hand and continued, “Anyway, don’t you think it’s really strange? I’m referring to the Supreme Warrior. Who this Supreme Warrior really is? I heard that he is incredibly powerful, beyond all Gods of War. But unfortunately, no one has ever seen his face, so I’m curious!”

Jack tried his best to hold back his laughs, at the same time, his cries when he heard it. Inside his mind, he was murmuring to himself ‘not only you have seen the Supreme Warrior, but also you’ve built a family with him!’.

A smile escaped from his mouth. He wrapped his strong arm around Selena’s waist and said, “Honey, why are you so excited whenever you talk about the Supreme Warrior? Don’t tell me you’ve fallen in love with him, who’s the strongest and most powerful man in Daxia? Okay. If this man who happened to like you and asked you to marry him, would you say yes?”

In the next second, Selena shot Jack a deadly stare and rolled her eyes. “What nonsense again, why would I say yes to him? My husband treats me so well, you’re enough for me. Besides, the Supreme Warrior is so good-looking and powerful, and holds a high position in this country, even if he’s able to notice my existence, I’m not worthy of a powerful figure like him!”

“Okay, what if, what if you’re worthy?”

Jack smiled bitterly and pried further.

“Well. That won’t work either. You’re more than enough. “

Selena wrapped her arms around fane in return and pressed her face into Jack’s chest. Her face was red and adorable.

“Silly, you’re more than enough too!”

In the distance, Lana, who was standing near the door, sneakily took a picture of the lovey-dovey couple in the garden and sent it to the message group.

In this group, there were Nine Great Gods of War, except Jack.

Usually, the chatting group was as quiet as a mouse, only a few messages popped out from time to time.

“Wow, Lana, did I see it wrong or what? It’s our Master!” Abner Young—one of the Nice Great Gods of War—exclaimed excitedly in a text he sent.

“Oh My God! I haven’t seen Master for a long time, is that woman the Mistress? The photo is only showing her back, I’m sad that I can’t know what the Mistress really looks like!”

Ethan Hays, who was in the midst of treating someone, was equally excited after seeing the message in the group.

“Unfortunately, our Master does not want us to disturb his tranquil life. Otherwise, I really hope to pay a visit to Eastfield and see how our Mistress looks like. From this photo, even it’s only her back, I can already deduce that she’s a beauty!”

Fernando Campbell, another God of War, could hardly contain his happiness as well.

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