No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0792

Queenie’s antics stunned Lana, and the latter said, “You should wait for another ten days! By then, the other Gods of War will be here and you’ll be able to take a photo with them. You’ll get the chance to talk all about it all you want by then, don’t you think?”

“Yes, you’re definitely right!” Queenie grew restless when she thought about it, and with a smile on her face, she added, “I never thought I could attend the Supreme Warrior and his wife’s wedding ceremony. This means that I’m able to witness a historic moment!”

“Look how excited you are!” Lana laughed. “Are you still in a rush to go back now?”

“No! Definitely not! Why should I go back? I have to stay here and attend the wedding!” Queenie thought about it and continued saying, “By the way, since this is the Supreme Warrior’s wedding, how much should I give as their present? How about one billion? Would that be too little? No, no, I need to give him two billion. After all, this is the Supreme Warrior’s wedding, and one billion is too little to represent my sincerity!”

Lana was speechless. “Queen of War Lynch, it’s best if you stay calm, alright? It’s too much if you give him one or two billion. Wouldn’t you expose his identity to others if you did that? Wouldn’t others start questioning it? Apart from that, I don’t think the other Gods of War would give that much of an amount!”

“If that’s the case, how much should I give? I’m going crazy, I can’t think straight!” Queenie was still very excited.

Once they got out of the God of War Mansion, Jack and Selena got on a taxi and headed straight to Ben’s new internet cafe.

“It seems the internet cafe is doing great! Business seems to be good!” beamed Selena, followed with a short chuckle as they looked around the second floor of the internet cafe.

Meanwhile, Ben was talking with the cashier. Surely, the people who came with him—such as Elaine, who was there to protect him—were also enjoying themselves.

Out of the blue… “Excuse us! Excuse us!” Several gangsters rushed in with baseball bats at hand. They pushed Jack and Selena away with arrogant expressions on their faces as they strode.

“Is Ben in trouble?” Selena was slightly worried when she assessed the situation.

“I don’t think so.” Jack frowned. “How’s it possible that he offended someone when he just started his business? I think these people are here to cause trouble.”

The gangsters walked behind the counter before one of them said aggressively, “Our boss said that your internet cafe is interrupting ours. It’s best if you close up tomorrow, get it? If not, we’ll break every piece of equipment in here!”

“We’re in your way?” Ben scoffed after he heard this and said, “You guys are going overboard. The business of your internet cafe is bad because your service is bad. Apart from that, your equipment is bad and old, and you’re here to wreck the place because business is bad?”

One of the men—with yellow-colored hair—raised his chin as he knocked on the counter lightly with his baseball bat. “Young man, we don’t care about those things. Just close up tomorrow or we won’t be holding back!”

“Does your boss have a death wish?” Elaine and two other pretty bodyguards walked over, expressions darkened with anger.

“Oh, and we have three beautiful ladies here. Tsk, tsk! I never expected this. No wonder business is good here… They have pretty waitresses!” One of the men swallowed his saliva when he saw those three pairs of legs that could go on for days.

“Big Brother, look at the words on their clothes. Taylor family’s bodyguard? What’s going on?” Another man was slightly afraid.

The yellow-haired man merely scoffed, “Don’t be afraid, they’re just some women. We have so many people with us! Do you think that we can’t settle it? What bodyguards would blatantly state that they’re bodyguards on their clothes? They’re just lying to us, in an attempt of an intimidation tactic!”

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