No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0793

“You’re right. This is the first time I’ve seen bodyguards with their positions blatantly written on their clothes!” The man who was initially afraid relaxed at the thought. “These ladies look really stunning. Is it possible that this internet cafe provides some other special services? Why else would their business do so well if it isn’t true?”

“Oh yeah. Why didn’t I think of that?” The yellow-haired guy’s eyes twinkled as he gulped his saliva.

“Bastards!” Elaine and the two other bodyguards looked at each other before charging forward at the same time. In a blink of an eye, the entire group of gangsters fell to the ground as they groaned in pain.

Jack smiled. “It seems like I don’t have to intervene, someone else will settle this for me.” It seemed that his choice of employing more bodyguards was a wise one.

At the very least, they could protect his family under most circumstances.

“Let’s go!” The gangsters struggled for some time before they could get back up on their feet. Horrified, the gangsters ran away like drowned mice while their eyes were filled with dread.

“Sister, Brother-in-law, why are you guys here?” Ben, upon noticing Jack and Selena, welcomed them with a smile.

“We’re free and have no work to be completed, so we came over to see how you’re doing!” Selena looked at Ben with a pleased smile on her face. Ben had finally grown up.

“Thank you for thinking of me fondly, Sister. Have you guys had lunch? Do you want to have something? My treat!” Ben chuckled.

“Oh, we’ve eaten already. We’re just here to take a look, nothing more!” assured Jack with a smile. “It seems like your business is doing good. We’re happy for you.”

It was then when Ben lowered his head. Shyly, he blurted, “Sister, Brother-in-law, there’s something I’d like to tell you guys. I… I’m in love!”

“When did it happen? Who is it? It happened so quickly!” Jack and Selena were surprised when they heard Ben’s announcement. After all, Ben had not been in contact with other girls and was busy with the internet cafe all the while.

“It’s… It’s Elaine.” Ben pulled Elaine’s hand shyly and introduced her to them.

Elaine’s blush seared across her cheeks as she meekly said, “Master, do…do you guys approve of us?”

Jack was over the moon. “Nonsense, of course we do! How can we not approve this?” Elaine was no doubt a nice girl, yet nobody knew she would date Ben after they spent these few days together.

“I’m absolutely thrilled with this!” Selena was just as excited. She said to Ben, “Ben, I can see that Elaine is a good girl, and she’s a thousand times better than Xena. Don’t let her down, alright? You have to cherish her well!”

“Don’t worry, Selena. He’s a weakling, so he won’t even dare hurt my feelings. We’ll be fine as long as I don’t hurt him!” said Elaine jokingly, a sweet smile adorning her face as she did. “Moreover, he’d never win if we ever fight.”

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