No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0797

Despite his portly body size, Lawrence’s height gave him the image of a burly man. He had a cigar in his mouth which he was half-way done with.

He measured Selena and Fiona for some time before he smilingly said, “I’ve heard from Irene that her best friend here is the prettiest woman in her class, and now that we’ve met face-to-face, I see that you’re indeed stunning. Your daughter is all grown-up, yet you’re still so charming. You look like you’re in your thirties.”

“Oh my, Mr. Watson, you’re too generous! This best friend of mine was also one of the prettiest girls in our class!” Fiona could not control the smile on her face. The group of three in front of her were people from the upper class, and their twenty or-so bodyguards were men from foreign countries. The bodyguards—including two men of color—looked rather strong.

Fiona looked at the slightly chubby young man by their side. “Your son also looks handsome!”

Jack was bewildered by Fiona’s choice of words. While Jayden was no ugly man, he was not handsome either.

“They all say that. What can I do? All rich people look handsome!” Jayden wore a rather arrogant smirk as he added, “Daxia seems to be doing quite well and is developing quite quickly, but I feel that the air here isn’t as good as America. The environment there is so much sweeter and nicer compared to this place!”

Jack was downright pissed to hear such words. Had it been any other man instead of the son of Fiona’s best friend, he would have slapped him with all his might. This guy was from Daxia. How dare he say something like this just after living several years overseas?!

“Is that true? I’m so sorry that you have to suffer here. I wonder why you still came back if the air here is so bad!” While Jack could not put him in his place right then and there, he could not help slipping a comeback at Jayden.

“If we didn’t have things to do here and didn’t need to send my grandfather back here for treatment, I wouldn’t have returned!” Jayden glanced at Jack and smiled coldly. “Your wife and mother-in-law are dressed up so well, but you’re dressed so badly. Can’t you dress up since you’ll be having a meal in such a high-class hotel?”

Jack merely chuckled. “It doesn’t seem bad at all. This clothing is worth a few thousand dollars, and I think that this is good enough!” Jack looked at the clothes on him. His clothes were quite new and clean, so he did not feel that there was anything wrong.

He would not have bought such expensive clothes if Selena and Fiona had not asked him to buy several better clothes. In his opinion, clothes were extra. He never thought such clothes would be ridiculed by others.

Still, what Jayden said made sense as Selena and Fiona wore clothes worth ten thousand a piece. Compared to them, what he was wearing seemed out of place.

Fiona’s face darkened when she heard Jack’s reply. She recalled how she only reminded Selena to dress up nicely in her haste, so much so that she forgot to remind Jack. She saw him wearing new clothes so she thought that he had worn something much more expensive. Fiona never thought what he had on was something only worth several thousand dollars.

With a sheepish smile on her face, Fiona sheepishly chuckled and said, “My son-in-law isn’t a particular person. We actually have lots of clothes that are worth tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands. He’s just dressed casually today!”

Fiona then hardened her gaze at Jack as she said, “Look at you. You’re here to meet the honorable Mr. Watson! How can you dress so casually? Please take care of your image in the future, alright?”

Jack was rather unhappy with that. Fiona asked him to please the other party when they were such arrogant people. Was it only because they traveled to many countries and were well-off people?

“It’s okay, it’s okay… Let’s go downstairs now! I’ve already booked a private room for us!” Lawrence laughed and alleviated the situation.

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