No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0799

“Sit down, Jack! What nonsense are you talking about? We’re here to eat, not to fight!” Fiona was so angry that she almost fainted. They were here to have a meal and to see if Jack can help treat Jayden’s grandfather. It never occurred to her that the situation would turn sour; she forgot that Jack was a man who liked to cause trouble. It escaped her to remind him.

Fiona disliked Jayden, but she was aware he was still so young. Could Jack just not let him be?

“Mother, I’m not here to fight. I’m here to exchange experiences with them!” Jack rubbed his fists and walked to one side of the room.

“Are you sure you want to do this, young man?” sneered of the bodyguards—an American—with a condescending smirk. “You have to know that our countries are enemies. Aren’t you afraid that this fight will disrupt their peace?” The other party was obviously implying something to Jack.

“I’m really not afraid of this!” Jack thought about it and signaled them as he added, “After all, you guys won’t be able to beat me.”

Jayden cackled. “You’re really arrogant!” He then turned to Fiona and said, “Auntie, food isn’t served yet. This son-in-law of yours must be quite a show-off person. This is good, such a person needs to be punished so that his arrogant ways can be corrected.”

Lawrence chimed in with a pleased grin, “What Jayden says makes sense. Let’s just treat this as an entertainment program, that they’re entertaining us before our meal. This is quite a good idea!”

Fiona was at a loss for words upon hearing what the father-and-son duo had to say. She could only offer a sheepish smile as she spoke, “Alright, it seems like there’s no other way around it. However, everybody needs to be careful. It’s just a test, so don’t go overboard!”

“Madam, that’d be quite difficult. Your son-in-law asked us to attack him altogether; he’s basically mocking us!” One of the dark-skinned men walked two steps forward and balled his hands into fists. “Still, I know I’ll be able to settle this matter!”

The man then grinned widely, his pearly white teeth seemingly gleaming. He then rushed forward like a panther, and he seemingly blinked rather closely to Jack—fast as lightning—and aimed his punch toward Jack.

“Such speed!” Jack’s expression seemingly morphed into one of surprise at the man’s speed. These bodyguards were really strong, and this dark-skinned man’s power was almost the same as Elaine’s.

“Are you afraid now, young man?” The black man in front of him smiled when he saw Jack’s surprised look. His fist was just a short distance away from Jack, and he wanted to see if this arrogant young man could meet his punch.

“Your speed really surprised me, but…” Jack curled his hands into fists and made his move speedily. His fist met the opponent’s fist in a powerful collision.

Uprooted, the man zipped through the air and landed on the floor. He felt a sweetness at his throat and vomited blood.

“You’re no match for me!” Jack stood straight and waved his hands at the other bodyguards. “You guys can come at me together!”

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