No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0800

“Let’s get him! I don’t believe this!” The brawny bodyguards looked at each other before they rushed toward Jack.

Despite their numbers, none of them managed to even graze a strand of Jack’s hair before they fell to the ground. The men were either clutching onto their stomach or chest in pain, their faces pale as well.

Several people moaned in pain as their ribs had been broken.

Lawrence and Jayden’s face darkened when they saw their bodyguards lying on the floor.

“A group of useless rubbish. How dare you guys claim that you’re mercenaries?” scoffed Jayden as he stood up in anger. “You can’t even win over a young man! I don’t understand this!”

“Young Master, we’re not rubbish. This young man is genuinely too powerful and we can’t beat him, honest!” One of the men had his forehead covered in sweat due to pain. “Young Master, my rib is broken! I need to go to the hospital!”

“Get out, all of you! Get out!” Jayden asked his men to go to the hospital with a cold expression on his face.

Fiona’s best friend, Irene chuckled shortly before she smilingly said, “Fiona, this son-in-law of yours is rather strong. Although he doesn’t have good etiquette, he’s really good at fighting!”

“He’s quite good! He didn’t waste five years in the army, and I heard that he’s a head commander!” It was plain to see that Fiona was happy when she heard how Irene praised Jack.

Jayden sat down angrily and mumbled, “So what if you know how to fight? You’re just a dumb fighter! What kind of masters can’t we get if we’re rich? I can even get the number one assassin!”

“Young Master Watson is really good at this!” Jack laughed and sat down casually. “However, that barely intimidated me. I wouldn’t be afraid even if you invite the Ten Great Assassins here! Of course, you’d have to spend a great amount of money to get them working for you!”

“Jack, stop talking nonsense! You can’t make such jokes!” Fiona was startled when she heard what Jack said. Who did he think the Ten Great Assassins were? Every member was frighteningly powerful and deadly; Jack could not make such jokes even if it was for a bluff.

Jack looked at Fiona and said with a smile, “Mother, I’m telling the truth. I’m not joking!”

“Well, well! You’re quite arrogant when you speak!” Jayden laughed before pretending to be a gentleman. “You don’t need to worry about it. We Watson family aren’t petty people, and we won’t send assassins to kill you just because you hit our bodyguards just now. Apart from that, we don’t need to get assassins if we really want to kill you. There are many masters in our Watson family, and those who you just fought were bodyguards of lower ranks. You’ve seen nothing yet!”

“The dishes and wine have been served, so let’s eat,” came Lawrence’s announcement. “Young Jack is indeed rather skilled in fighting. After all, it’s quite difficult for him to fight so many bodyguards alone. His five years spent in the army weren’t wasted after all!”

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