No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0802

Jack’s words rendered Irene, Lawrence, and the others speechless again. It was obvious that this fellow jacked up the price. Never mind that he extorted three hundred million dollars out of them, now he was actually saying that the medicine was not that precious.

“It truly isn’t that precious. It’s not expensive at all if it turns out to be effective for Mother. And it isn’t that precious either, now that I think about it. After all, your head itself is probably worth three hundred million. It’s a pretty good head to whack!”

Jayden said, laughing.

“Come. Let’s eat!”

Lawrence spoke, grinning. He knew what sort of a person his son was. Everyone smiled while Jayden spoke, as though he were cracking a joke, but if Jack’s medicine turned out to not be the least bit effective, and with the three hundred million dollars he made them spend, he would truly be digging his own grave.

Besides, if not for his wife cajoling them to meet the former belle of their class and to see how she was doing, he would not have wanted to come. It felt as though this meal was a waste of their precious time.

Fiona smiled. “You’re so humorous, Young Master Watson. You really know how to joke around!”

Here, she looked at Irene beside her. “I remember that the old master of the Watson family suffers from some strange disease,” she said. “After we finish eating, let’s get my son-in-law to take a look at him. He may be able to cure the old master!”

“Never mind about that. My grandfather had been undergoing treatment for a few months in America, and he still isn’t any better, even though their medical industry is so advanced. How could your son-in-law hope to cure him?

“I’m already dubious about the slimming pill he said would help my mother lose weight. My grandfather is already so old. If he doesn’t cure my grandfather but kills him instead, he probably won’t die alone. He’ll be dragging you, Aunty, as well as that darling daughter of yours!”

Jayden swirled the glass of red wine in his hand, speaking slowly, a frosty smile on his lips.

It was a threat. Definitely a threat.

Fiona was a little frightened. She looked at Jack. “Jack, if you are unsure of this, don’t do it,” she said. “We’ll just head back after we are done eating. After all, Old Master Watson’s disease isn’t any regular illness. He didn’t even recover after receiving treatment overseas.”

“I’m fine with it. I don’t know Old Master Watson anyway!”

Jack shrugged his shoulders. He was truly fine with it. If Fiona had not bullied him into coming and diagnosing the Watson family, he would not have come.

Furthermore, the family put on such high airs. He really did not want to cure the old man.

“You’re fine with it? I think you’re just a quack. You know that you can’t cure my grandfather’s disease, so you’re suddenly guilty.”

Jayden flashed a mirthless smile. “But it’s probably for the best. We came here to search for the best hospitals and the best specialists for treatment. How could someone like you compare to a specialist?”

Jack smiled after he heard that. “Indeed, there’s no room for comparison. Because I don’t even bother to compare myself to them. Sharon George had seen plenty of specialists here before, but they were all useless anyway.”

“Really? I’m really curious now, did you learn western medicine or Chinese medicine?”

Lawrence smiled. “My father says that some of the Chinese medicine practitioners are pretty good. Honestly, I want to try it out—because I think that western medicine is the best. So much better than Chinese medicine. But the old man insists that Chinese medicine is better, that it could possibly cure his illness. So I want to look for a Chinese medicine practitioner this time and try it out to shatter his illusions about it!”

It was evident that Lawrence looked down on Chinese medicine, speaking as though it were completely good for nothing.

“I am a Chinese medicine practitioner. Your father has pretty good taste. The practice has been attracting less and less attention because there are less disciples of Chinese medicine now. Most medical students learn western medicine, totally oblivious about Chinese medicine!”

Jack gave a wan smile. “But Chinese medicine can cure plenty of diseases that western medicine can’t. I really think that Chinese medicine is much better than western medicine!”

“If that’s the case, why don’t you come over to our house and put your words into practice? It’s possible that you can’t even diagnose what disease he has. Grandpa will die speechless. Hah!”

Jayden actually guffawed.

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