No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0807

Jack paused for a moment before continuing, “When the time comes, it’s obvious that Irene isn’t capable of managing Watson’s properties and companies, so you have to be ready to take over. I’m telling you in advance so that you’re prepared mentally as well.”

Melinda’s eyes roamed around the room upon hearing Jack’s words, then she responded, “Mr, thank you for reminding me. It’ll not be easy for me to take over alone. I, too, despise what they did. After I have taken over Watson’s business, I think I’ll sell off some assets and return to Daxia and start some investment business.”

“Hmmm…” Melinda paused for a second then continued, “Grandpa Watson wanted to return to Daxia a long time ago. I believe he will help me in managing the business after he gets well. And Grandpa can finally enjoy his twilight years happily and peacefully in our motherland, Daxia.”


Jack’s eyes lit up immediately upon hearing Melinda’s plan. “I like your plan. It’s brilliant! All right then, I’ll open the door now!”

In the next moment, Jack stretched out his arm and opened the door of the room.

As soon as the door was opened, Lawrence, Jayden, and the others rushed in.

“How’s it? Did you manage to find out what kind of poison it is? Is there an antidote?”

A concerned look was hanging over Lawrence’s feature, his tone nervous.

Melinda—who was standing beside Jack—sneered coldly in her heart. If it were not from Grandpa Watson himself, that Lawrence had planned to murder him, she would truly think that Lawrence was such a filial son who cared deeply about his old folk.

Now, the pretentious concern that the other party showed, was obviously revealing his interest in knowing whether Jack was able to treat Old Master Watson. His heart was uneasy; he fought hard against a rising panic that almost unmannered him. He was afraid that Jack could really cure Old Master Watson.

“Hmmm…I’m somewhat sure!” Jack smiled slightly in return.


Lawrence’s face sank at his words and his heart was in a complete state of panic.

Jack, however, added, “But I’m not too sure, I can only give it a try. I’ve given Melinda a Chinese medicine prescription. Old Master Watson needs to take a bath with the Chinese medicine for half an hour every day. After a month or two, only then you’ll witness the effect!”

“A month or two? So slow!”

The specialist—who stayed behind to witness the whole scene—jeered sarcastically, “You’re bragging, aren’t you? You know that they’re leaving Daxia soon, and even if the medicine is not effective on Old Master Watson, you have nothing to do with it anymore, and they can’t get back to you. Am I right about your wicked plan?”

Nonetheless, Jack chuckled in return. “Chinese medicine tends to take longer to be effective, I can’t help it!”

When Lawrence heard that Jack was not confident in treating Old Master Watson, the heavy boulder in his heart was lifted and he could finally breathe. This brat must be bragging about his medical skill and Chinese medicine knowledge, so he definitely could not cure Old Master Watson’s illness.

“Thank you so much then!”

Lawrence fist-to-palm saluted and thanked Jack.

Jack smiled nonchalantly, “You’re welcome. Old Master Watson and I are fated to meet and I’m a person who is all about fate, hence I’ll naturally save him if I can.”

“Let’s go! We’ll go back first!” After saying his last words to Lawrence, Jack then turned toward Selena and Fiona, urging them to go back.

“All right! I’ll see you off!”

Lawrence quickly walked Jack and the others to the door and saw them off.

The car with Jack and the others in it quickly drove off. Those specialists left as well.

“Dad, do you think he could really treat Grandpa’s illness?”

Jayden was sweating in fear and concerns. “What if he really succeeds in curing Grandpa?”

“This poison that I’ve found was nothing but unique and strange. Most of the doctors in this world probably have not even heard of it. So, I don’t believe that punk could really find an antidote!”

Lawrence grinned coldly. “Tomorrow is the trading day. Nothing is more important than that. We’ll talk about this after tomorrow!”

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