No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0809

Elder Ward guffawed unimpressively as he faced the other party.

“You’re right, it’s been a long time. And I heard that this time, you got us some good quality stuff. Let me take a closer look!”

Lawrence chuckled in return.

“The quality is indeed good. And nowadays such quality of young and pretty girls is really not easy to find anymore. Some of us have even gone to other cities to capture them!”

Elder Ward let out another laugh and continued, “Take a good look this time. Some of them are as good-looking as beauty queens in those beauty contests, and you can earn a lot out of them. So, this time our Master has said that the trading price has to be increased, at least 150 million for this batch of goods.

“What? It was always around 100 million or 110 million. You guys are asking too much this time!”

Lawrence’s face sank and darkened.

“No, no, no. Not too much at all! I believe the money that these ladies will bring you would be more than ten times of 150 million!”

Elder Ward, on the other hand, chortled at Lawrence’s remark.

“How about 130 million dollars?”

Lawrence countered with a price after giving some thought to the matter.

“Wow! Boss Watson, do you have to? You should increase the price to 10 billion since you’re filthy rich!”

A familiar voice rang out from nowhere at this time. From the doorway not far from the crowd, came out a silhouette—Jack White.

“What the hell? Who is this f*cker? Aren’t there a few sentries outside?

One of the bodyguards of the Watson family exclaimed deafeningly.

“The sentries? Of course, they’re now with the Grim Reaper!”

Jack shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.

Soon, two more silhouettes behind Jack walked out from the dark, slowly appearing into the crowd’s eyes.

“What? No way! It’s Lana, the Goddess of War, and another, she seems to be the Queen of War!”

Elder Castellano from the Green Sky Hall gasped and had her jaw drop to the ground when the two women appeared before her.

Jack’s sudden arrival had already made her heart pounded frantically and worries washed over her face.

However, the overwhelming number of great fighters from both Watson’s and their side was like a shot in the arm— it boosted the confidence in her. Besides, Green Sky Hall had borrowed three top-notch killers from the Kingston Hall. Hence, in her point of view, it should not post any problem to kill Jack.

Nevertheless, what slipped from her calculation was the arrival of the Goddess of War and the Queen of War.

“Hell no! Did you say the Goddess of War and the Queen of War are here?”

Lawrence from the Watson family was so frightened that his face blanched instantly. He was not afraid of Jack, but the arrival of these two women had almost wet his pants.

Although they brought mountains of great fighters with them, they were not frightened even if a King of War came but to confront the Goddess of War whom they were not known of her fighting prowess, they were frightened to death.

After all, they had never fought with a God-like existence like Lana before, though the fighters they had were amongst the top in the world.

“Master Watson, it was you who exposed your whereabouts and drew them here, right?”

Elder Castellano and the others’ faces sank and dulled as she spoke in a frosty-cold voice.

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