No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0812

“Should we finish off the people over at the Green Sky Hall?”

Lana asked Jack. The blazing fire was burning ferociously in front of them.

After giving some thought to the matter, Jack shook his head. “They lost a lot this time. Many of their men died, including those elite fighters. What’s remained of the Green Sky hall is merely those useless shrimps and the head of the hall. So, basically, Green Sky Hall is destroyed. They have their shell, but their soul is gone! Today’s incident will be a lesson for them. Keep an eye on them and let’s see what their reactions are in the next few days!”

Jack paused and then only added, “After all, there’s a Kingston Hall behind the Green Sky Hall. If we kill the head of the Green Sky Hall and the rest of their men, I’m afraid that Kingston Hall will not let it go easily. They will definitely intervene!”

Lana bobbed to show her agreement. “Indeed, there’s no evidence left here today, so at most, they’ll suspect you. Let’s see if they’ll stop right here. But if they’re looking for death, the fault is not on us!”

“Good job, guys! Both of you did great!”

Jack flashed Lana and Queenie a warm and genuine smile as he praised them.

“It’s nothing at all! It’s my greatest honor to be at your service, my Supreme Warrior. Please count me in if you have any similar tasks like this today!”

Queenie gazed at Jack with signs of admiration and respect in her eyes.

Jack gave a small smile and took out a tiny bottle of medicinal cream from his pocket. “Take this, your arm is injured! Apply it to your wound and it will heal in no time. You can keep the rest as a backup!”

“Woo-hoo! That’s amazing! Thank you so much, Sir!”

Queenie could barely conceal her excitement. “You’re the Master of the divine doctor, Ethan Hays, so this medicine must be effective and precious. It’s truly my honor to be granted personally such a treasure by the Supreme Warrior. Even if I die because of it, it’d be totally worth it!”

“What nonsense are you spewing? Don’t say such things, okay!”

Jack did not know whether to cry or to laugh at the two ladies before him. He then intervened, “It’s okay for you to call me Supreme Warrior since there’s no outsider here. But in the future, if there are others around, you should remember not to call me that but only Jack!”

“Got it! The Supreme Warrior doesn’t want to reveal his identity!”

Queenie laughed wholeheartedly in return.

Soon enough, the three left the place and went back to their home separately.

At this time, at the Watson’s residence, Melinda could not sleep at all. She knew clearly in her heart that what Jack had uttered to her last night was not at all fake nor false.

Therefore, Lawrence and Jayden’s failure to return home would have huge consequences.

The old master looked much better after taking the medicinal bath yesterday. It seemed that the medicine that Jack had prescribed was truly effective. Perhaps he would be able to speak in a few days.

The seconds ticked past. When morning broke, the many men from the Watson family that had gone out did not return. A smile played at the corners of Melinda’s lips.

“Strange. Why aren’t they back?”

Frowning, Irene stared out of the window. “What business were they discussing? They’ve even kept it from me. And why haven’t they come home even though it’s been a full night?”

Melinda walked over to Irene’s back. “Don’t worry, Mother,” she said, smiling. “Maybe they’ll come back in the afternoon!”

Although she comforted Irene with those words, Melinda was well aware that Jayden and the others would never return.

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