No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0813

However, who was that man they saw yesterday. Lawrence went out with many powerful masters and none of them came back yet. This showed how scary that person was.

“Did something happen? Why aren’t they back yet?” By now, Hector had a darkened expression on his face. He had a bad feeling as he stayed home and was waiting for them to come back.

This time, they sent 400 people and all of them were elites. Around four to five masters went with them and they were also joined by two to three masters from Kingston Hall. He had never arranged for such a huge group of elites to work together.

However, Elder Castellano and the others were supposed to be back latest before dawn but they were nowhere to be seen.

He immediately sent his subordinates to the trading place to find out. His face turned pale when he heard the news they had for him.

The abandoned factory had already been reduced to ashes and none of their people came back. They were obviously killed and their bodies were also destroyed!

“Master, what…what should we do about this?” A middle-aged man who was beside Hector looked at him worryingly. “Who is this man? Why is he so powerful? Is he some huge influence?”

Hector smiled bitterly. “Huge influence? We didn’t offend any powerful people. Apart from that, we’ve always had a great relationship with the other clans. As for the aristocratic families, they don’t cause us trouble so this possibility is very low!” He paused here before continuing what he was saying. “The only person we offended was the guy named Jack White. Apart from that, he killed three of our people. The only thing I want to know right now is how he knew about our trading place? Apart from that, did he kill all our people by himself?”

“How’s that possible? Didn’t that guy fight with Elder Castellano and the others? Although Elder Castellano was not his opponent, they would have been able to kill him if the entire team worked together, right? Especially when the masters from Kingston Hall were also there? They would have been able to kill that guy if they used the human wave attack, right?” The middle-aged man in front of Hector was in disbelief. He felt that Hector had thought too highly of that young man.

“I’ve felt that this young man was not a simple person when he dared to come to Green Sky Hall previously. I’ve never seen someone with his level of confidence. I’ve seen many great people but I’ve never seen someone so confident!” Hector frowned.

“What should we do then? We can’t get revenge even though we’ve suffered such a huge loss? Master, how should you explain this to our boss? You’ve borrowed so many masters from him and if he knows that they’re all dead, he would not be able to hold back his anger!” The middle-aged man thought about it and said.

“I feel that it’s best to not offend this guy named Jack!” Hector sighed.

In several seconds, his eyes brightened as he remembered something. “Oh yes, didn’t the people from the Eagle Clan want to work together with us? I did not agree with it and asked them to contact the Wilson family. I wonder if they did that or do they have any plans against Jack. I think we should arrange a meeting with them first!”

“Oh yes, master! That is a good idea!” The middle-aged man felt that this was a good plan too.

Soon, Hector went to the Eagle Clan with a dozen subordinates.

At the same time, Cecilia Taylor and Kelly Gold were standing in front of the grandest hotel in town, a seven-star hotel.

“Honey, you really plan to have our wedding dinner here? This place must be super expensive!” Cecilia said but was secretly happy about it. Others would definitely be envious of her because of this wedding.

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