No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0814

”Haha, of course! This is the best hotel here! I want to book the entire top floor. It’s a huge plaza and definitely suitable for a wedding!” Kelly laughed and continued saying. “However, the venue upstairs is slightly expensive and I heard that the booking fee for the venue alone is two hundred million!”

“Really? That…that’s quite expensive, right? Why don’t we change to another venue on another floor?” Cecilia was saying that while feeling very moved. After all, Kelly’s intention was all that mattered.

“No way!” Kelly rejected straightforwardly. “We are only getting married once. Apart from that, didn’t Jack advertise that he’s holding a city-rocking birthday party for his wife? If that’s the case, our wedding needs to be even more grand. Haha, our wedding will be the city-rocking event instead and he will be the ashamed one!”

Kelly was obviously unhappy about what happened the other day. Not only did Jack win 90 million from him but most importantly, he also lost eight bodyguards that day. This caused him to lose his pride.

He wanted to show himself off in front of the Taylors that night. Who knew that…

Hence, he definitely needed to put on a good show this time around.

“What you said makes sense. I’ve always felt that Selena is not as pretty as me but all the young masters like her. They even said that she’s the prettiest woman in Eastfield. I’ve always felt that those people were wrong. I was still young and was not as pretty as I am now at that time.” Cecilia curled her hands into fists as she spoke. “This time, I definitely want to be the brightest presence in the entire city on that day! I want to be the most glamorous person in Eastfield. No! In the world!”

Kelly, who was beside her, was embarrassed by what she said. Truthfully speaking, he felt that even to this day, Cecilia was still not as pretty as Selena. Cecilia lacked certain femininity and it was not something that could be easily obtained.

He would have gone after Selena too if she was not older, married, and with a child. However, he felt that the chances were quite slim as there were many young masters who still refused to give up on Selena.

Hence, he chose Cecilia under these circumstances. After all, Cecilia had a good body, was a lady from a prestigious family, and was slightly younger. In conclusion, Cecilia was the best choice apart from Selena.

“Okay, let’s book the top floor. Let’s go and pay the deposit!” Kelly smiled and the two of them soon found the manager of this hotel.

“I’m so sorry but I’m afraid that the day Sir and Madam chose would not be available!” The manager frowned after she heard what they said.

“Why? I know that the top floor of your hotel is a huge an expensive venue. Unless some rich families are holding some important events, nobody would book the top floor. Hence, the venue would normally be available!” Kelly was slightly unhappy when he heard this.

“I’m so sorry but the venue would be available if you book another day but we really cannot make any adjustments for the day that you have in mind. Somebody had already booked the venue several days earlier!” The female manager laughed and said calmly.

“Several days earlier? Why can’t this person choose another day? Why did they have to choose the same day as us? I’m so angry!” Cecilia was extremely angry as she was very clear what it meant to successfully book the top floor of this best hotel. This was the most romantic and grandest place as it overlooks the whole scenery of Eastfield at night and the lighting are known to very beautiful. By then, Selena would only feel self-abased.

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