No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0815

“Could it be Jack who booked the place? Their event is on the same day as our wedding!” Kelly took in a breath as he recalled something.

“No way! How’s that possible?” Cecilia immediately said. “If this happened previously, he still had some money with him. However, the Taylor family suffered a loss because he hit Young Master Timothy and they lost the South City project. In order to save face and maintain their relationship, Jack transferred one hundred million to the Taylor family!”

Cecilia paused here before continuing. “So I think that he only has one hundred million if we include the ninety million he won from you previously!”

“I see… Didn’t he transfer the ninety million to his mother-in-law? I wonder if Fiona would return the money to him?!” Kelly thought about it and said.

“Oh yes!” Cecilia had a sudden realization. “I almost forgot that Jack had already given the money to Fiona. I know Fiona well and she definitely wouldn’t take out the money given to her. She would rather let Jack lose face and fail to hold a grand birthday party compared to giving him her money!”

“If it’s not Jack, who is it? I haven’t received news about any events held by other families!” Kelly looked at the female manager and asked. “Manager White, I wonder if you can provide us with some information?” In Kelly and Cecilia’s opinion, this was a small issue. Providing information to Kelly meant giving the Gold family face and getting into the Gold family’s good books.

However, they had no idea that Manager White would shake her head. “I’m so sorry to both of you as we need to keep the information a secret! We can’t tell anyone about it yet, but we can let you know that the venue has been booked by an extremely important person!”

Kelly smiled, took several thousand dollars from his pockets, and handed it over. “Manager White, please accept our token of appreciation and it should be fine to give us a hint, right? After all, we’re not here to ruin their event, right?”

“Young Master Gold, it’s best if you take your money back. This time, it’s not about money. If I provide you with the information, I would definitely be fired. This is my general manager’s orders because this person has a very special identity!” The manager smiled.

“If that’s the case, just take the money and tell me if Jack White and Selena Taylor are the ones who booked the place?!” Kelly refused to give up and stuffed the money into the manager’s hands.

Although he was sure that it was not them as they did not have the money to come up with the three hundred million venue fee. However, he had to be absolutely sure.

“Alright!” The female manager looked around before placing the money into her pocket. “I can only tell you that the person who booked the top floor is not the Selena Taylor and Jack White that you mentioned!”

Kelly and Cecilia looked at each other when they heard this. They secretly relaxed and felt lucky that it was not them!


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