No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0816

It was obvious that Kelly and Cecilia unknowingly achieved the understanding that whatever they had to do, it had to best Jack and Selena’s party.

Kelly, after placing some thought to it, voiced his opinion, “If that’s the case, let’s book the other floors! I heard that the level under the top floor is quite good. There are huge French windows and is quite beautiful, too!”

However, Manager White had a strange expression on her with a bitter smile to boot. “I’m really sorry to you both, but that floor has been booked. In fact, the entire hotel is booked on that day.”

Kelly and Cecilia gasped in shock. “How’s that possible? The entire hotel?!” they both exclaimed. “How much does that cost? Your boss wouldn’t have agreed to it without going for at least two billion, right? This is a seven-star hotel!”

“That’s right. Who is this person anyway? They’re so rich!” Cecilia was rather envious as the top floor was the most expensive while the lower floors were cheaper the lower they were. Regardless, the fact remained that it was rather overboard to book the entire hotel.

“It didn’t cost that much, truthfully. My boss only asked for one billion from these people! Consider it as a fifty percent discount!” The pretty manager laughed. “This is the first time I’ve encountered such a huge discount throughout my years of working here!”

“Fifty percent discount?” Kelly and Cecilia were once again surprised by the information relayed by the manager.

Cecilia thought about it before asking again, “Aren’t you afraid that the other party will rent this place out after you’ve given them such a huge discount?”

“Don’t worry. That won’t happen!” The manager chuckled. “The customer booked the entire hotel because it’s much more convenient for the clients to enjoy our facilities, especially the swimming pool and gym on the second floor. They can enjoy everything in the hotel to their hearts’ content!”

“It’s a fifty percent discount! It seems that the other party is a very powerful person. The hotel wouldn’t have given a second-class aristocratic family a fifty percent discount!” Kelly frowned and grew increasingly curious. He wondered who this mysterious person was who booked the entire hotel.

“Young Master Gold, I’ve already told you a lot of information, and I can’t disclose anything anymore. You have a choice to either change your date or the hotel,” concluded Manager White with a smile.

Although Kelly and Cecilia were displeased with the turn of events, they could only nod before they left the hotel.

Once the two reached the plaza, Cecilia turned around and looked at the famous hotel behind her and remarked, “I wonder who that person is. He’s so powerful that he gets a fifty percent discount. The original price to book the entire hotel is two billion, yet he only needed one billion to make it happen!”

Kelly, on the other hand, sighed. “What can we even do? I never thought something like this could happen. Who knew that we’d clash dates with some powerful people!” Kelly frowned and thought about it carefully before he said, “Still, something doesn’t seem right to me. The four main families and the Drake family don’t seem to have any important events around this time, right?”

Cecilia thought about it before she replied, “Could it be the clans? Maybe somebody from a huge clan is getting married, and they happened to choose the same day as us?”

Kelly thought about it for some time, but he could not put a finger on it; on who could have made the reservation. In the end, he merely offered a wane smile as he commented, “Well, it doesn’t matter who it is. This is a good thing!”

Cecilia was immediately unhappy when she heard this. “How is this a good thing? Are you thinking that this helps you to save money? Are you telling me that you’re not really sincere when you say that you’d like to have our wedding on the top floor?”

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