No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0817

Kelly instantly hugged Cecilia by the waist upon hearing her comment. “Babe, what are you talking about?” said Kelly. “If I didn’t want to have our wedding on the top floor, I wouldn’t have mentioned it in the first place, right? Why should I even go into the hotel and find someone to make reservations? I’m actually thinking that since somebody arranged such a huge event here, many rich businessmen and powerful people will attend the event, right?” Kelly had a cold smirk on his face before he added, “By then, many people would also come to our wedding. Don’t you think Jack would be ashamed when he learned that somebody actually booked the entire hotel? I’m sure that not many people would attend his event!”

Cecilia finally realized that she had misunderstood Kelly, and her eyes lit up. “That’s right! Why didn’t I think of that? Now that somebody booked the entire seven-star hotel, how can Jack and Selena stun the entire city? This place is considered as the highest facility in town!”

“That’s right! Jack is bound to feel ashamed since he paid so much on advertising the event!” Kelly was downright pleased at the revelation. Since somebody played a hand in making things difficult for Jack and shaming him, did that not mean he had no need to host his wedding in such a high profile way? He only needed to make sure that what he did was better than what Jack was doing!

“Also, their advertisements have cooled down within these few days, and they’ve stopped advertising in certain places. I think Jack is running out of money, and that’s why he’s not able to continue advertising the event,” came Cecilia’s eventual reply after being quiet for some time.

“Hey, I have a good idea!” Kelly patted himself on his head. “Since the event is just several days away, why don’t I cash out ten to twenty million and advertise the event for him? The more we advertise about the event, the more ashamed Jack will get later on!”

“Great idea, honey! This is such a great idea!” Cecilia said in excitement.

Kelly then shifted his gaze and, looking at the hotel opposite of where they were, said, “By the way, this hotel located next door is a six-star hotel. It’s almost the same height as the seven-star hotel, and the top floor is a nice venue to be in. Booking the venue is quite expensive, at around one hundred and eighty million. Such a place would definitely bring honor to you and the Taylor family!”

“Honey, you really spoil me! I love you so much!” Cecilia threw her arms around Kelly’s neck and kissed him.

“Let’s go! I want you to be the prettiest bride of the day!” Kelly had his hands around Cecilia as they walked forward. “Oh, of course. Let’s go pick out a wedding dress later! I need to give you a stunning dress!”

At that moment, Fiona was on a shopping trip with several bodyguards, and she—upon spotting them—walked toward Kelly and Cecilia with a smile on her face. “Cecilia, what are you two lovebirds doing here? You guys look so sweet!”

Cecilia immediately replied with a smile when she noted that it was Fiona. “That’s for sure! How can we not be deeply in love when we’re getting married soon? By the way, didn’t that son-in-law who married into your family said that he’ll be hosting a city-stirring birthday party for Sister Selena? There are only a few days left until Selena’s birthday, right? How are the preparations going? Did he book a hotel?”

Fiona’s facial expression turned solemn upon hearing Cecilia’s question. Jack had been staying at home for the recent few days, and he even followed her to the Watson family mansion yesterday. How would he have had time to book a hotel?

The only change she noticed was that Jack bought some accessories for Selena.

“I… I think he hasn’t booked a hotel yet. I’m actually not very sure about this,” came Fiona’s sheepish reply, one that matched the embarrassed smile on her face.

“There’s not much time left, and he still hasn’t booked a hotel? Is it not important to him after all? Does he want to repeat what happened five years ago, with having a simple dinner at home? If he does that with all the advertisements in town, that’d be quite city-stirring!” Cecilia immediately started mocking Fiona. “Of course, this would mean that your family would be humiliated by the entire Eastfield. That’s city-stirring on its own too, right?”

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