No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0818

“That’s right! Why didn’t I think of that? So this is what Jack meant when he said ‘city stirring’, huh? I thought he meant that he’d be hosting a glamorous event! Had he been joking with us the whole time?” boasted Kelly as he crossed his arms at his chest.

Fiona was extremely embarrassed. She would not have walked over to greet them if she knew they would mock her.

Fiona thought about it for some time before she changed the topic of their conversation. “This is something I leave in the young people’s hands. I believe that Jack has his own plans. By the way, have you guys already booked your venue?”

“No, but we’re here to book our hotel today,” answered Kelly, smilingly as he did. “We have our eyes on this six-star hotel, and we plan to book the top floor!”

“The top floor!” Fiona took in a cold breath when she heard Kelly’s reply. “I heard that the venue’s booking fee costs one hundred eighty-eight million, eight hundred and eighty thousand. Not only is it a huge venue, but it even has a sight-seeing area together with a see-through class sight-seeing platform. Apart from that, the entire roof of that floor is made from glass, giving people a view of the sky. There are only three of such glamorous hotels in town!”

“Well, what should I say? This is my wedding with Cecilia, so we need to make it a grand one. Apart from that, the Gold family isn’t short of money, right?” Kelly sighed and said with a smile.

“Jack said that he’s going to give Selena the best birthday party ever. I think that what he prepares needs to be better than us if he wants to be the best. Right, honey?” quipped Cecilia.

“That’s right. How would it live up to the city-stirring claims if it isn’t?” commented Kelly enigmatically.

“Ahem! It’s best if you guys hurry and book your hotel. I’ll have to go now so I can continue running my errands.” Fiona’s expression was gradually turning bitter. She smiled embarrassingly, waved her hand, and walked away angrily with her bodyguards in tow.

It was only after they walked a considerable distance away did one of the beautiful bodyguards comforted Fiona, “Auntie, don’t get angry. Don’t you worry about anything. Our master would definitely keep his promise!”

“Keep his promise, you say? How much money does he have with him? How can he compete with them when he’s only got three hundred million from yesterday? Their venue booking fees are already around two hundred million, and it doesn’t include expenses!” Fiona laughed. “Jack really is one of a kind. People always say to do things according to one’s abilities. He’s incapable yet likes to boast all the time. He even advertised about the event all over town! I feel really ashamed even if he doesn’t! I don’t see him doing anything even as we’re fast approaching my daughter’s birthday!” Fiona walked toward a mall as she was speaking, and she eventually reached a jewelry shop.

She glanced at the shop and was startled. “How’s that possible? That…that diamond necklace that costs nine hundred million has been sold?”

It only occurred to Fiona yesterday about her mistake. The necklace cost 9 billion instead of 900 million.

However, there was an announcement at the entrance of this jewelry store saying that the necklace has been purchased by a mysterious buyer.

It was by reflex that Fiona thought that Fiona assumed the person spent 9 billion for the necklace. “Nine billion for a necklace! That’s rather extravagant!”

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