No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0823

Jack praised Selena after hearing her theory on the ruby necklace. He looked forward to seeing Selena’s surprise when she would put on this necklace in a few days’ time.

“It’s not hard to know of such things. They’ve used this necklace to publicize their shop for a very long time. They also exhibited this necklace in other cities, so I believe that there were many people who wanted to buy this necklace. All that traffic, yet they never sold the necklace!” Selena drank her wine as she continued, “Apart from that, they spent quite a lot of money on their advertisements, and these are their costs. There’s no way they would’ve sold it for just nine billion.”

“Sigh! What a shame. The son-in-law who married into our family is a useless person. Had he been a capable person, my daughter might be able to wear such a nice necklace!” Fiona sighed and glanced at Jack.

“Mother, what are you talking about? Jack is a very capable person. Such an extravagant necklace is too expensive, and it has nothing to do with Jack’s capability!” Ben immediately spoke on Jack’s behalf. “Apart from that, I don’t think that your son, me, can buy such a necklace even if I work for the rest of my life!”

Fiona was shocked at this. Ben used to side with her and supported what she said, but he had changed sides and was siding with Jack.

Andrew, most of the time, also sided with Jack, and Fiona felt that the two were rather disappointing as they were so easily bribed by Jack.

“I don’t care. I only know that Jack promised that the birthday dinner will be a city-stirring one, and I won’t be satisfied if the party doesn’t meet my expectations. Hmph!” scoffed Fiona before she resumed her dinner.

Early the next morning, Jack still looked relaxed and did not seem to do anything for the birthday party. It made no sense to Fiona and Andrew. Jack told them that he was giving their daughter a city-stirring birthday party, but they did not see Jack doing anything or even booking a hotel.

Since he had employed a dozen bodyguards, Jack no longer asked Dennis Howard to continue protecting their family. Still, Jack did tell Dennis to be on alert at all times, that he would inform him should any matter arise.

Jenny was also relieved from the chore of picking up and sending Kylie. She was in charge of arranging the workers’ tasks and paying their salaries.

Nonetheless, Jack did not expect that Kylie and the bodyguards appointed to pick her up would not return even as it was late in the evening.

At that moment, an unknown number rang Jack’s cellphone.

“Jack, are you the one who killed my brothers from Green Sky Hall?” Hector’s voice could be heard from the other side of the line.

Jack laughed coldly and replied, “I’ve warned you before yet you refused to listen to me, so I taught you a lesson. Why?”

“So it was you. I never thought you’d admit to it, and that fast too!” Hector laughed and said, “If that’s the case, come alone and meet us. Your daughter and your two bodyguards are at our mercy. We’re at the white tower on the top of the hill at the city outskirts. Remember: come alone. If we catch wind that you’re bringing people with you, we’ll kill your daughter in that instant!”

The corners of Jack’s mouth slightly twitched, but he soon calmed himself down. “It’s Blaze Mountain, right?”

“Yes. Remember what I said and come alone. Our goal is to kill you, so we won’t kill your daughter if you come alone. Of course, your daughter will die if we discover that you’re coming over with somebody else!” With that, Hector hung up the phone.

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