No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0824

Blaze Mountain was not far away from the city entrance, and there was an old white tower on top of the mountain. However, the tower had been abandoned for hundreds of years, and nobody even ventured into the mountain.

Jack placed his phone away and clenched his fists tightly. “You’re the ones who forced me into this. Hmph! So I’m not allowed to bring anybody? Do they think that they can kill me if I go alone?”

With that, Jack drove out of the city and headed for Blaze Mountain.

Hector stood on the top of the mountain and had a telescope with him. With it, he spotted Jack driving toward the destination and, upon reaching the foot of the mountain, parked his car.

“He’s here. This guy actually came alone!” Hector laughed. “Since he came alone, he’s as good as dead!”

“That’s for sure! We’ve prepared a thousand people for him this time! There’s a total of a thousand and two hundred people here, and all of them are elites from different clans. The higher he goes, the stronger our people stationed there are!” said the excited Lee. “We can easily kill him with our human-wave tactic!”

Their words were met with one of Jack’s bodyguards’ burst of laughter. “You guys truly do look down on our master!” She was tied to one of the white tower’s huge stone pillars with Orchid Yames and Kylie. While Kylie sustained no injuries, both she and Orchid were badly hurt. Orchid suffered the most as she had several cuts on her arms and her blood tainted her clothes red.

“We know that he’s good, so we prepared a lot of people for him. This is a continuous battle, mind you, so we plan to tire him out!” Hector laughed. “This guy killed so many of our Green Sky Hall’s masters, thus today’s the day he meets his end!”

Hector smirked as he continued to speak, “After we kill Jack, we’ll slowly torture his wife and this young lady here. We’ll be sure to treat his family with special care!”

Kingston Hall’s master, Tobias Zaborowski walked toward both pretty bodyguards and caressed their faces with a cold smile on his face. “Aren’t the two of you quite strong too? Seems like you’ve been bested by our masters!”

“Hmph! How dare you even gloat about it? You’ve ordered a dozen masters to attack us, and many of your people died. If we weren’t caught up trying to protect Kylie, do you really think that you’d be able to catch us?” Orchid made an indignant sound with her mouth closed, unbothered by the man’s bold claims. “Regardless, your luck’s run out today. How dare you kidnap our master’s daughter? That’s like asking for a death wish!”

Both bodyguards knew how scary the Supreme Warrior was. Nobody had seen his true power, and he would not use much strength even if there were a thousand opponents.

This was the reason they worshipped him. While there were several masters from Kingston Hall who were very strong and had the fighting ability on par with Kings of War, they would not be able to kill Jack.

“You can be stubborn all you want! I think that the highest he can go is the middle of this mountain!” The confident Tobias crossed his arms at his chest. “Kingston Hall has their Four Great Warriors, and one of them is waiting for him at the pavilion halfway up the mountain. Surely Jack would be tired after all the killing, and by the time he reaches that place, our people will be waiting for him there. This is a tactic of war, do you understand?”

Orchid ignored him as she placed full faith in Jack’s fighting ability.

Although Jack’s adversaries were people of large numbers, there were not many true masters. Apart from that, most of them stayed at home most of the time and enjoyed a comfortable life. They did not have much actual fighting experience, and that reduced their fighting ability.

Compared to them, Jack had fought several years with masters of other countries that were no weaklings. Several years ago, the enemy country was extremely strong and Daxia was defeated again and again. The country could only send soldiers to the frontline without stopping.

At that period, the soldiers who served at the frontlines merely went through less than half a month of training before they were sent to the frontlines for a life-and-death war with the enemy.

Hence, during the one or two years when Jack and the others were sent to the frontlines, the soldiers who just joined the war could be described as expendables.

Under such circumstances, only a handful of people managed to survive the war.

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