No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0825

Despite the pressure, Jack managed to rise to the challenge and grew extremely strong. His fighting ability improved significantly along the line as he donned a dragon-shaped mask and had a black sword in his hands.

One after another master appeared after he emerged, and those masters became the current Nine Great Gods of War.

As for Jack, his fighting ability surpassed the Gods of War, so much so that although he was outnumbered, it was no difficult task for Jack to deal with them.

Jack had just reached the foot of the mountain when several bodyguards of the Wilson family rushed toward him. “He’s here! Kill him!”

“So, men from the Wilson family are also here?” Jack instantly smirked as he spotted a few familiar faces. He had just arrived at the foot of the mountain when so many people rushed toward him. He knew at that moment that he would meet many more as he scaled up the mountain.

The sky gradually darkened; the night was destined to be a bloody one.

With the cold grin still on his face, Jack flicked his wrists to reveal several dozen silver needles. With a wave of his hands, the needles flew out like afterimages.

Many people were killed before they even reached Jack.

“This guy knows how to use hidden weapons, and it’s hard to notice them! Be careful!” somebody exclaimed when they saw several dozen people dying just as Jack so much so moved.

“Die!” Standing on higher ground, another burly man jumped up and lunged at Jack with a big, heavy knife.

“Hmph!” came Jack’s small sound of indignation. He moved his hand behind his back, and nobody noticed that he had a dragon-shaped ring on his hand. The ring began to morph as a black sword appeared in Jack’s hand.

The black sword was like a long ruler, black like charcoal. The handle was shaped like a dragon, and there was a black dragon accented on the hilt.

“How did he take that out?” The burly man was one of the Wilson family’s masters, a member of their three protectors with the strength comparable to a major’s.

The man was stunned to see a sword in Jack’s hand, but he could only grit his teeth as he resumed his attack.

He believed that since he was attacking from higher ground, the weight of his heavy knife and his dive would increase his fighting ability. Jack was on lower ground, and there was no way for Jack to block his powerful force.

Jack held his sword horizontally, standing where he stood, unmoving.


Following the clattering sound of metal, everybody was stunned by what happened next. The heavy knife in the burly man’s hands was cut open like it was tofu; the incision was hauntingly tidy.

“How’s that possible?!” blurted the burly man. Jack took advantage of the situation and pulled his sword back, only to cut open the man’s head. There was a daunting fountain of blood from the dead man’s body, and the man rolled down the hill.

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