No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0826

“How’s this possible? He’s dead!” The faces of those who were attacking Jack turned pale when they saw the burly man’s body rolled down the mountain with his severed head. Jack’s fighting ability was incredibly powerful, and that sword of his cut through steel like it was mud.

Jack did not even falter after he killed the burly man. He rushed toward the mountain top, jump after jump.


Apart from the Wilson family’s men, those from Green Sky Hall also made their appearance. The weaker people from Kingston Hall and Eagle Clan also appeared at the bottom of the mountain as they tried to surround Jack there.

Jack’s only fear was that Hector and the others would go against their words. If he was late, they might kill Kylie and the other two bodyguards.

Because of that, Jack chose to ignore the extras and continued to rush up the mountain. He swung the sword in his hand as he slashed and cut down the people that tried to surround him.

Blood spurted all over the place. With a leap, Jack moved several meters forward and killed those who blocked him with just a few swings of his sword before rushing to another place with another jump.

There was no hesitation with the way he moved and killed. The sword moved with his arm gestures, and every move was an uninterruptible attack.

“Boss, do you think that this guy will get to where we are?” In a pavilion halfway up the mountain, a middle-aged woman questioned the middle-aged man in front of her as they heard sounds of clashes that came from below the mountain.

“I believe he would. Otherwise, I’d be disappointed in his fighting capability. It wouldn’t be a problem for him to reach this place if he has the fighting abilities comparable to Kings of War. Still, he might be badly hurt!” The man smiled indifferently and continued, “It doesn’t matter if this person offended another powerful clan. Isn’t he on a suicide mission now that he’s offended our Kingston Hall? Kingston Hall is the biggest clan in Eastfield and is even more powerful than Eagle Clan!”

This middle-aged man was none other than one of Kingston Hall’s Four Great Warriors. He was a tyrannical killer and was exceptionally good at using concealed weapons. Any regular people would have died before they could even get near to him.

“There are over seven hundred people at the bottom, and it’ll be very difficult for him to even get here. I don’t think he’ll reach this place under twenty minutes!” The middle-aged woman smiled. She was also a strong fighter herself and was one of the Wilson family’s masters.

Michael Wilson was also in the pavilion, and as he sat on the other end, he languidly commented. “I’m here to see the guy dying today. He’s no match for you both, especially when he’s all worn out and injured!”

Just as Michael finished, however, they spotted a figure that leaped toward them and was just several meters away within a few jumps.

“Jack!” Michael’s eyes widened when it registered to him that it was Jack, and he wondered if his eyes tricked him.

They held the belief that Jack would need at least 20 to 40 minutes to reach where they were.

They never expected that Jack would come rather close to them in just five minutes.

It was a difficult feat for a regular person to run up to the pavilion in five minutes, even without obstructions.

It was only then when they spotted the many people that chased after Jack, though most of them were extremely tired from trying to catch up with him.

Jack was light on his feet as he nimbly and swiftly moved; he bulldozed his way forward and went past everyone else.

“F*ck! How did he manage to come so quickly?!” Both the middle-aged man and woman were just as surprised. Jack’s speed exceeded their expectation.

As Jack killed two other people that stood in his way with just two moves, Jack rushed forward and reached the pavilion.

“Michael? It’s been a long time!” Jack smiled coldly and glanced at Michael.

The middle-aged woman rushed toward Jack with a dagger at hand. “Young man, today is the day you die—”

Jack, without breaking a sweat, dodged her attack. With a flick of his wrist, he slit her throat with his knife and killed her in one move.

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