No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0829

“Ahh!” Lee yelled in fright and tried to escape when he saw how grave the situation was for him.

Sadly, several people from Eagle Clan surrounded him, and he was killed right after.

Several strong masters and bosses were killed on the spot.

“Remember to take care of the bodies. After all, they were once your brothers,” commented Jack before he, along with Orchid and the rest, descended the mountain.

The remaining people automatically stood aside to provide a path for Jack when they saw him walking over. They looked on as he left.

Many of them wiped the cold sweat on their foreheads after Jack and his company left.

It was only after they reached the foot of the mountain that Jack turned and looked at Kylie, who stopped crying, with gentle eyes. “Don’t be scared, Kylie. These clans are gone forever! Did they frighten you?”

“Mm… Daddy is the best…! Kylie will stop crying…” Kylie pursed her lips and had a wronged expression on her face.

Kylie gazed at her father, worry evident in her eyes as she asked, “Daddy, are you hurt?”

“Don’t worry, my dear. Daddy is fine. The blood on me is from the fools!” Jack took some clothes out from his car after he spoke. “Wait for me here as I do some preparation. I’ll go wash myself and these clothes at the river over there. It’d be too scary for others to see me in this state!”

“Yes, Master!” Orchid and the other bodyguard nodded, and they brought Kylie into Jack’s car.

Jack went to the river not far away to take a bath and change. As the river was not too far from where they were, he got to the river after he walked past some trees.

As the pretty bodyguard glanced toward the woods, she murmured lowly, “Sister Orchid, don’t you want to go and have a look?”

Orchid rolled her eyes and used her pointer finger to poke the other bodyguard’s forehead. “What are you thinking? You’re still young, so stop thinking nonsense. Let me tell you this: Our Master’s fighting capabilities displayed today are just mere warmup for him. His true abilities are more than just that, and it’s too scary to even think about it!” Orchid paused before she added, “If you go there now, I’m sure you’ll be discovered in mere seconds!”

The pretty bodyguard clasped her hand over her mouth and giggled into it when she heard what Orchid said. “I thought that Sister Orchid wouldn’t have thoughts about it, but it turns out that you’re worried about the shame if Master discovers you! It seems that although you’re married, you still think about our master!”

Orchid stared at her. “Nonsense! Isn’t this very normal? Any woman would want to take a look. After all, this isn’t some random guy, it’s the Supreme Warrior!”

Jack eventually returned after he bathed and changed; he looked handsome and fresh.

“Alright, let’s go! It’s time to go home!” Jack smiled, and they then drove back home.

Selena waited anxiously in the yard at their home. The sun had set, but Kylie and the two bodyguards in-charge of fetching her had not returned. Understandably, Selena was worried that something had happened to them.

Apart from that, Jack was also nowhere to be seen. She phoned him, but he did not even pick up.

Her nerves only settled down when she saw the familiar car; Jack had returned. “Where did you guys go? Why are you only back at this hour?”

“It’s nothing. Somebody kidnapped Kylie, but I’ve eliminated them!” Jack smiled indifferently and said to Selena, “Don’t tell Father and Mother about this so that they wouldn’t worry about it. The bad guys are dead!”

“Okay.” Selena nodded, though the frown did not leave her face. Her thoughts that plagued her only fueled her anxiety. Orchid and the other bodyguard were extremely good fighters, but the other party still managed to get a hold of Kylie. This meant that the opponents’ fighting ability was also quite strong.


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