No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0832

“It’s horrifying… It’s too horrifying. All four powers have been destroyed overnight!” The George family’s master was just as shocked.

He looked at Sharon—who sat before him—and said, “Sharon, do you know the results of our investigation? The destruction of these four powers was done by one person! There’s a huge possibility that he did it on his own!”

“How’s that possible? One person? Are you telling me that one person did all of that?” Sharon looked at her father with widened eyes as she shared her father’s astonishment.

The George family’s master nodded. “Yes, and this person is none other than Jack!”

“How’s that possible? That’s impossible!” Sharon could not believe her ears. “While Jack is rather strong, he can’t be that powerful. The masters of Kingston Hall have the power comparable to Kings of War, what more the masters of the other powers. I think that apart from the Gods of War or eight-star King of Wars like Skyler Celestino, nobody can manage this. Even Skyler Celestino would get hurt if he’s surrounded by so many people and killed so many…

“He’s hurt!” Sharon suddenly stood up. “Father, are you sure that the investigation showed a huge possibility that it’s Jack?”

“Yes. Somebody kidnapped his daughter that afternoon, and Jack left the city right after,” answered the George family’s master.

“That’s bad! Even if Jack is alive, he must be injured! I need to go visit him!” Sharon was extremely anxious and ran out of the villa.

“This…” The George family’s master chuckled bitterly as he saw Sharon running out. “Did this girl forget that Jack is a miracle-working doctor? He cured you, so it’s only right that he’d be alright, don’t you think?”

He sighed. “Sadly, this is unrequited love. We’d be very fortunate if my daughter can marry someone like Jack!”

Jack and the others were eating when an old man walked in. “Seems like I’ve come at the right time. I’m blessed with some great food!”

“King of War Celestino!” Andrew and Fiona stood up in excitement when they saw that the eight-star King of War Skyler Celestino came to their residence.

“Oh my, an honorable guest is here! Quickly, prepare utensils for the King of War Celestino!” Andrew was beyond thrilled. He was an eight-star King of War—a person who could get everything he wanted—and he came as their guest.

“I happened to pass by, so I thought I could stop by for a drink!” Skyler laughed and sat beside Jack. “How is everything? Are you still satisfied with the bodyguards I introduced you?”

Skyler knew Jack was the one who destroyed all four powers. He also believed that Jack would suffer no injuries, even if he was alone when he fought such forces.

“Satisfied. I’m very satisfied with them, especially with Elaine, who’s about to become Ben’s wife,” beamed Jack, followed with a chuckle.

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