No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0834

“What?!” shrieked Fiona upon hearing what Sharon had said. “How’s that possible? Miss Sharon, have you gotten some things mixed up here? The four powerful clans that had hordes of men, together with the Wilson family, were overturned by Jack?”

Jack stood, petrified and flabbergasted. If he let Sharon continue to run her mouth, his identity would be exposed for sure.

Sharon frowned and said, “There… There’s no actual evidence, so I think so…? My father told me about it!”

Jack laughed and said calmly, “I thank you for your concern, Miss Sharon, but you must’ve made a mistake here. How can I accomplish such a feat? The only person here who can do that would only be Skyler Celestino, an eight-star King of War!”

He immediately changed the subject as he spoke, “Quick, bring some utensils for Miss Sharon. Since you’re here, come eat and drink with us!”

Sharon smiled. “Oh my, King of War Celestino is also here. If that’s the case, I’d accept this with great honor!”

“That’s for sure, Miss Sharon. Don’t hesitate the next time you feel like coming over. Just treat this place like it’s yours, alright?” Fiona felt utterly pleased at that moment, though she wondered what had happened as important people like King of War Skyler Celestino and Sharon George visited them in their residence.

“Really? Then I’ll definitely come and hang out when I’m free!” Sharon laughed and secretly glanced at Jack, her face red due to shyness.

Fiona had high hopes that Jack would marry Sharon, since their family would amass quite the wealth from their marriage.

Unfortunately, Jack—that blockhead—refused to obey her, and Fiona was at a loss for words at the fact. She could not tie Jack up and force him to get married, right?

Fiona could only hope that Jack and Sharon would get closer after meeting each other more and more.

“That’s weird. If it’s not Jack, who would it be? This person is too strong!” Nobody anticipated that Sharon would whisper to herself after she sat down.

“Who cares about who that person is? It’s definitely not Jack!” Fiona remarked at that moment. “Jack is quite strong, and he won’t break a sweat if he’s to fight ten to twenty people at once, but it’s impossible for him to kill a few hundred or thousands of people. How can he be that strong? If he’s so strong, he’d be a seven or eight-star King of War, don’t you think? Wouldn’t that mean that we don’t need to worry about anything else in our lives?”

Jack purposely chimed in, “That’s right! How I wish that’s me, though. How good would it be if I’m that strong! Pitifully, I can only worship that kind of person!”

“Come now, let’s not trouble ourselves about this person. In my opinion, this person must be a heroic, stalwart character, and he might also be a master from a different city. After all, Kingston Hall, Green Sky Hall, and Eagle Clan are hidden powers, thus it’s only plausible that they must’ve offended many people and had many enemies.

“This time, they must’ve offended someone they couldn’t afford to, thus resulting in their ultimate downfall,” commented Skyler as he helped Jack smooth things over. “There are so many small and big powers in this world. It’s normal for powers to grow and for some to disappear. Normal occurrences, nothing new.”

“Yes, that’s right. Come, let’s all enjoy our drinks. We’re lucky that King of War Celestino granted us a visit and is drinking with us here at our house!” Jack raised his wine glass, and everybody started drinking again.

It was only after a few glasses did Skyler asked, “By the way, how’s the preparation for Miss Selena’s birthday party? There are only six days left. I’ll be sure to attend to have a drink or two!”

“Everything is prepared. We welcome King of War Celestino if you can attend the party!” Jack smiled.

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