No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0838

”Baby, don’t you worry about it. I don’t believe what Ben had said as it’s obvious that he’s purposely trying to drive a wedge in between us. I definitely see his motives!” Ivan hugged Xena and smiled.

However, he was secretly unhappy. Xena was a woman who loved money and he could clearly feel that this woman was a total gold digger so what Ben said was clearly true.

When he thought of this, he strengthened the decision to not marry Xena.

However, he could not have a fall out with Xena right now and tell her that he’s not marrying her. If not, this girl might tell others about how he asked her to poison Jack. Would it not be terrible if Jack managed to find an antidote within these last few days?

He could not take the risk although the possibility was low.

Hence, he had to wait several days until after Jack’s death. By then, he could think of ways to break up with her, give her some money, and get her to leave.

“Ivan is really shameless. I think he’s here to make fun of Jack. How dare he come over on purpose to ask about the preparation for Selena’s birthday!” Ben smiled, held Elaine’s hand, and entered the villa.

“Jack, are you alright? Do you really feel uncomfortable?” After Ivan and Xena left, Selena still looked at Jack worryingly.

Jack felt warm in his heart. “Silly, I feel very good now. Don’t you realize what Ivan and Xena are here to check on? They are here to look at how I will be when the poison kicks in. They are here to test the waters and since they want to see me dying from the poison so badly, I gave him a taste of it!”

“Oh, I see… you’re really bad. How can you be so good at acting that I was also almost tricked by you!” Selena relaxed. She glanced at Jack coquettishly and that look made Jack enchanted.

“what to do? My wife is a dumb girl with no brains!” Jack laughed and said.

Selena blushed, looked around, and said after she discovered that nobody was there. “It’s all because of you, recently you kept… Humph! How dare you describe me like that. You’re not allowed to touch me tonight!”

“Honey, I’m sorry!”

“Go away!”

Time flew and news about the four powerful clans were destroyed soon passed by. Everyone stopped discussing it and everything returned to its usual ways.

Finally, the day of Selena’s birthday party and Cecilia’s wedding dinner came.

“Dear, where’s the hotel you booked?” Selena, who had already dressed up, came downstairs and asked Jack.

Although she felt that what Jack said about holding a city-stirring party was slightly overboard but she still looked forward to it.

Jack glanced at the time and smiled slightly. “Let’s go. All of us should leave now! I’ve booked a big hotel and it’s a seven-star hotel!”

“Seven-star?! Jack, are you joking? How much would that cost? You must be joking, right?” Ben inhaled a cold breath when he heard this as he was extremely shocked.

“I believe in our master!” Elaine smiled. Jack was the Supreme Warrior and such an event would be nothing to him!

“You must be boasting again! Why don’t you tell us that you’re holding the party on the top floor of the seven-star hotel?” Fiona rolled her eyes at Jack and said angrily. She felt that Jack was unreliable.

“Hey, mother-in-law, you’re really a prophet! That’s exactly it!” Jack smiled. “Let’s go, the fleet of cars are waiting for us at the entrance!”

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