No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0849

Now that the owner of Daxia Juwel was here at Jack’s wedding, coupled with the arrival of Joseph and Lana, the two Gods of War, this kind of spectacle was absolutely rare. Imagine the fame and reputation that they would bring to the Taylor family in the future, if the Taylors announce the establishment of a new company and the person in charge was Selena, this company would certainly have a bright future.

“The Drake family is here!”

A man from the scene exclaimed aloud. At this point in time, he was not expecting James from the Drake family to come.

After all, Jack beat Timothy up not long ago, hence the possibility of James coming to Jack’s wedding was near to zero.

But, now that James, Tanya, and the other Drakes attended his wedding. All of them were wearing sunny and lovely smiles on their faces.

In reality, earlier this morning, James was hesitating whether to attend the wedding. After all, Jack had beaten Timothy up, thus, if he came, it would be ignominy and humiliation to him. He did not feel good about that.

However, at the same time, he was pondering whether any God of war would attend Jack’s wedding. In the birthday party last time in Taylor’s residence, he had established some social network with God of war and some Kings of War and left them his contact information. This was a huge gain for him too. So if he did not come over and give Jack his blessing, would it not prove that he was petty and wanted to cut ties with Jack?

After thinking hard about it for a long time, he finally decided to send someone to attend the wedding first, to scout around. Only after he knew that Lana was there, he immediately got ready and brought the other Drakes here.

To his surprise, not only he managed to meet Lana this time, but also the man beside Lana—Joseph Smith, another God of War.

Within him, he was overwhelmed with shock, at the same time panicking. He never saw that coming, that Joseph Smith was here. Was he here for Jack’s wedding as well?

“It’s my honor to meet you, Mr. Smith, the God of War!”

James stepped forward and immediately gave Joseph a palm-fist salute. He was shocked down to the soles of his shoes that his little heart could barely calm down.

“Great to meet you, Sir!”

The other Drakes were startled and slowly when they found their senses, they quickly bowed and greeted Joseph.

“Oh, don’t have to be so formal. Chill! I’m here today to attend Jack’s wedding and to meet his lovely wife. So, everyone just let loose and have tons of drinks and good food later!”

Joseph chortled elatedly.

When people in Eastfield knew that another God of War had come to Jack’s wedding, many people who did not have any relationship with the Taylor family had also rushed over to send gifts and blessings. The crowd was growing bigger and bigger.

Now, the place was lively and merry.

On the other side, on top of the six-star hotel across the street, Cecelia smoldered with resentment that colors were drained out of her face. Her eyes fixated at the rooftop of the other hotel, and huffed bitterly, “James Drake, that jerk! He is just so shameless, isn’t he? Although Timothy is only lightly wounded, Jack was still the one who beat him up, how could James forget this so quickly? How could he be there and not be here!”

The head of the Gold family was smoking a cigarette on the side, his face turned unsightly as well. He had spent so much time and energy to prepare such a magnificent wedding for his son.

He could not imagine that nobody came to Cecilia’s wedding. Even those who came, only stayed for a while, left their presents, and then went over to Jack’s wedding. Some of them sent their people over to give the presents and none of them had stayed. Everyone went over to see the hustle and bustle happening at Jack’s wedding. He was rendered speechless at the scene.

“This is a total humiliation to the Gold family!”

In the end, the head of the Gold family could not do anything but sighed.

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