No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0850

The more Kelly Gold thought about it, the more the anger flooded his veins. He shot Cecelia a deadly glare and barked, “Cecelia, is your brain filled with grass or what? Why do you have to have a wedding on the same day as Selena? If we were two days earlier or later, it won’t be this terrible. Now look, I can actually hear a pin drop!”

Cecelia was tongue-tied, at the same time, she was burning with rage. She did not expect Kelly to shove all the blame onto her.

She returned the glare to Kelly, an exasperated one, and started complaining, “Kelly Gold, how could you blame me on this? You’re part of it as well, do you remember? You are responsible for this too! When I mentioned my plan to you, you agreed to it! Why didn’t you oppose it back then?”

“All right, all right, stop arguing!”

The head of the Gold family stepped forward and stopped the fight. He felt a flash of irritation at their argument. “Today is your wedding day, if you argue, you’ll become even more like a joke! Do you want to be that?”

“Huh, look, look over there! Why is there another helicopter coming?”

Cecelia immediately noticed something strange and pointed in the direction.

“Yeah, you’re right. There’s another helicopter. Don’t tell me it’s here for Jack’s wedding again!”

Kelly was stunned at the view, then he commented with a bitter smile on his face.

“How is that possible? It’s impossible!”

The head of the Gold family said.

Nonetheless, they all went quiet the next moment when they found out that the helicopter was heading toward the top of the seven-star hotel. It hovered above the building and then lowered down to get near to the sightseeing platform.

“Ay, dios mio! Another helicopter, another one!”

The manager of the hotel quickly contacted his boss for him come over quickly. After all, two Gods of War were already here. Today, this scene was definitely enough to shake Eastfield.

She was standing outside the hotel and lifted her head to look at the big screen that was hanging on the wall of the building.

Soon, another man jumped from the helicopter, where the distance between the platform and the huge flying machine was estimated to be one to two hundred meters. He landed steadily on the platform.

The man—who was on bent knees after landing on the platform—had slowly stood up. The camera captured the man’s face clearly.

This man, who had caused another commotion, was actually Fernando Campbell, another God of War!

“Oh My God! I’m gonna faint soon. It’s Fernando Campbell!”

The manager of the hotel shouted in a direction, “Boss, come here! Quickly come here! From now on, our hotel is really going to be famous. Another God of War has come! Sh*t! I really didn’t expect that! Who the hell is Jack? Why on earth are these Gods of War here for him?”

“Alright, good! Three Gods of War are here. We must give them a huge discount for the hotel and the banquet. In fact, they’re doing us a bigger favor by being here. We now have a slogan for our next advertisement for the hotel. Just imagine, ‘Gods of War in The Seven’, doesn’t this sound great? With advertisements like this, our hotel will be beaming in no time!”

The owner of the hotel exclaimed excitedly; his voice was trembling.

“Fernando Campbell, the God of War!”

When James and the others had finally registered into their brains the fact that Fernando was here. They let out a long breath with a hint of shock and surprise. Fernando Campbell was another powerful God of War, and his combat prowess could definitely be considered as first or second among the nine Gods of War.

Nobody had expected to see such a marvelous figure here at Jack’s wedding.

“My pleasure to meet you, dear God of War!”

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