No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0852

Both Ken and Neil took part in the banquet Jack hosted just to see him dead. They wanted to see him flat on the floor as his body succumbed to the poison.

More importantly, they wanted to see the shock and horror on everyone’s faces. They wanted to see him die before Selena and how her face would morph into one with immeasurable agony.

Still, nothing they expected had happened as they watched as the Gods of War trailed in, one after another, and bolstered Jack and Selena’s reputation to no end. It was plain to see how everyone admired them.

“I’m sure of it, and we saw it for ourselves! A few days ago, Jack was complaining about how he was feeling unwell. Xena was there, too!”

Ivan frowned. “Let’s wait for a bit. This is the final day, after all. It’s possible that Jack has a body strong enough to resist the poison for a bit, so the symptoms are probably suppressed. Maybe the symptoms will just pile on him abruptly, and he’ll explode into pieces. That’s possible!”

“That’s right. I can verify that information since I did follow Ivan that day. Jack did tell us that he wasn’t feeling well!”

Xena nodded. “I think it’s about time! Either that, or the poison that you two obtained is fake!”

“What are you talking about? There’s no way it’s fake!”

Ken immediately huffed. “Just wait for it, I’m sure it won’t be long. That little punk will die soon enough!”

“Oh, the thought of it makes me so excited. Selena will surely have a meltdown by then!” Neil emitted a mirthless chuckle.

Back at the banquet, Fernando took out a credit card and thrust it toward Selena. “Right. I didn’t buy any gifts, but I do have this credit card. I’m giving it to you, Miss Selena. There’s one billion inside, and it doesn’t have a personal identification number!”

“That’s too much!”

The overwhelmed Selena did not know what to feel as she turned to look at Jack. It was too much. Joseph had given her one, and Fernando was giving her another.

“Just take it as their blessing!”

The grinning Jack nodded his head reassuringly, and only then did Selena take the credit card.

“These Gods of War are being too generous, aren’t they? They’re giving out one billion just like that!” blurted Ivan.

“Joseph had also given one billion. Hmm… They’ve probably discussed this earlier. It wouldn’t look good if one of them gave less than the other.”

Neil flashed a bitter smile.

“Joseph gave that much too?”

Ivan’s expression contorted when he heard that. He thought that Jack would have trouble settling the bills, what with the money he needed to spend to book the entire hotel and organize a wedding banquet.

Who knew that the Gods of War would give him so much money. It was definitely enough to cover the costs, and they would still have plenty left. Jack was earning big dollars!


In a third-class aristocratic family’s residence, the Turner family’s master, Fabian asserted, “Let’s go. We have to go!”

“Dad, it’ll be so embarrassing if we go. We caused such a big issue out of the billiards game with Jack that one time!” countered Leo, his brows furrowed as he did.

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