No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0855


Just like before, a low thud was heard as a man appeared on the glass balcony that extended from the roof.

“It’s another God of War, Sam Johnson!”

Everyone grew even more excited when they recognized him. That added another God of War in the venue.

In truth, everyone expected it was a God of War when they saw him jumping down from such a high altitude. He actually dared to leap down from a height of 100 or 200 meters above sea level yet sustained no injuries. Only the Gods of War could accomplish such a feat.

“Sir Johnson, you’re here too! You look so handsome!”

“Oh, yes! Coming here was worth every second of my time. There are already six Gods of War here. My god, I’m going nuts!”

“I’ve never seen so many Gods of War in all the years I’ve served on the battlefield. I’ve only ever seen one, yet here they are, six of them!”

The marshals, commanders, and the likes were all excited. The sight that greeted them shook them to the very core.

“My goodness. Another one!”

At the same time, on the top floor of the six-star hotel opposite them, Cecilia and members of the Gold family watched on with sour expressions. They saw another God of War appearing on the opposite hotel’s screen, and it was a grand sight to see.

“six of them came to the banquet. Perhaps all nine will show up?” Kelly chuckled. He felt that he had become the joke of the entire universe.

“No way. How can that happen?”

Master Gold shook his head, convinced that he was dreaming.

“Miss Selena, I almost died once on the battlefield, but Sir Jack was luckily skilled in medicine…”

Sam went straight to Selena and conveyed his story, and he did not notice the desperate hints that Lana and the others were giving.

When they heard that explanation, James and the others were utterly speechless. Just how many Gods of War had Jack saved?

Even Selena was at a loss for words; that excuse sounded more like a lie at that point. Was Jack a specialist? Why did so many of the people he saved on the battlefield turned out to be Gods of War, when there were plenty of other soldiers?

Nonetheless, Selena did not want to wear herself out thinking about it. She just smiled and took the credit card worth one billion from him.

It seemed that all those Gods of War were tycoons, and they had discussed beforehand to give one billion dollars each. Still, they were too generous.

The beautiful manager from Daxia Juwel admired Selena for being able to marry a man like Jack; she had enough happiness just from the banquet to fill her for a lifetime. She was probably the happiest woman in the entire world on this day.

Sam went to join Fernando and the others after he gifted Selena the credit card.

He felt like shriveling when he found out that the excuse he gave was the exact same story that the others had supplied.

Still, Sam had no choice. It would be way too suspicious if he claimed that Jack’s fighting prowess far surpassed his. It so happened that Jack was skilled in medicine, and that was why the story of Jack saving him was flawless.

Despite that, he never anticipated that his comrades shared the same train of thought on their excuse.

“Ethan won’t use this excuse, right?”

Lana thought about it before she said, “After all, Ethan’s such a skilled doctor, and everybody acknowledges him as a miracle doctor. Ethan probably won’t convince anyone if he uses that excuse.”

Everyone nodded at Lana’s speculation. It would be preposterous if the nine Gods of War used the exact same excuse, and no one would believe them.

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