No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0857

“Of course! I rarely swing around these parts!”

Adam and Riley grinned before they walked to one side, away from her.

With disbelief, Riley lowly spoke under his breath, “Seriously, Adam? Why did you have to use the same story as I did?”

“I didn’t think this could happen. Why would you say something like that? I also noticed that everyone gave us strange looks… Don’t tell me that they gave the same story too? No one’s going to believe us if that’s the case!”

Adam felt lost at that moment.

“Right? We’ll draw suspicion if we all give the same story, and Master won’t be happy if his identity as the Supreme Warrior is revealed!”

At that moment, William’s voice was heard as he walked over, a small smile on his face as he did.

“The only one left is Ethan. Let’s hope he doesn’t use the same story!”

Abner flashed a bitter smile as he joined them. “Regardless, it doesn’t matter if they’re suspicious about us. They can’t just interrogate us about the matter, right? Of course, Master might not be happy about this!”

“Quiet down! Don’t let anyone hear you!” Lana quickly reminded him.

Many of the guests in the banquet sneakily took photos of them, though none of them came to disturb their conversation—probably because of their revered status. Everyone maintained a safe distance away from them.

On the other hand, at the six-star hotel opposite them…

“There are eight Gods of War now!” said Master Gold sardonically as he broke out into a chuckle.

“Seems like all nine are going to come. He’s really sending shockwaves throughout the city!”

Cecilia stared into the distance. Another helicopter appeared on the horizon. It was a no brainer that the miracle doctor, Ethan Hays would come as well.

“He’s here. Ethan is here. He probably won’t say that Jack saved him, right?”

James had no idea what to feel as he watched the helicopter. He did not understand why the eight Gods of War used the exact same story. Did Jack truly save all of their lives? It was too much of a coincidence like that.

It was either a coincidence or Jack just had the incredible luck to have saved soldiers who were, in fact, Gods of War. It was enough luck to make the gods jealous.

True enough, the person who was coming was Ethan.

“Greetings, Sir Ethan Hays!” greeted the guests when he arrived.

“Oh dear, I never thought that I’d be the last to arrive!”

The round-faced Ethan emanated a genial aura as he smiled.

“Sir Hays, it’s our honor to finally see you. You’re such a miracle doctor!’

“That’s right. Sir Hays, I heard that your medical skills have saved plenty of soldiers!”

“Sir Hays, don’t tell me that you have the same story as the other Gods of War. Were you saved by Jack as well?”

Voices cried out as he slowly walked toward Jack and Selena.

The corners of Ethan’s mouth twitched when he heard them. It seemed like the story he had crafted beforehand would not work.

However, he quickly came before Jack and spoke, smiling, “Sir Jack, long time no see. I heard that you’re highly skilled in medicine as well, and that you saved the lives of the other eight Gods of War. I’ve come here to humbly request that you impart your wisdom to me. I hope that I can learn plenty from you!”

Jack was speechless. Someone came up with a different story at last, but that excuse was a little too scandalizing.

“You’re too kind, Sir Hays. We should be exchanging our knowledge instead. No master-student relationship required!” replied Jack awkwardly as he grinned.

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