No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0860

Those who could join the group photos were only those from first-class families and people of such status, like James Drake. This made Ken, Neil, and the others envious as they were not qualified to join.

As Ivan was from the Taylor family, he could join the photograph session. Xena, on the other hand, merely tagged behind Ivan and stood at the back corner. Even if it was just a photo and she barely knew any of them, it was still an honor and a pleasure for Xena.

“Jack… I still feel that this necklace is too expensive. How about we find an opportunity to sell it?”

Once the photos were taken, Selena gazed at the Heart of the Abyss wound around her neck. Her feelings overwhelmed her so much that she blurted her worries to Jack.

Selena’s words stunned Jack. He leaned close to Selena and whispered to her ear, “Honey, I’ll be honest: Such a necklace wasn’t expensive at all, and you now have nearly ten billion in your pocket. It’s not that much at all, you see. Try to think of it this way. Your husband is the Gods of War’s exclusive doctor, so do you think the reward given to me would be so meager?”

Selena took a deep breath after she listened to Jack’s reasoning. He was right; he was the exclusive doctor for the nine Gods of War, and that was a great achievement. Besides, the rewards received by the nine Gods of War would be no less than 100 billion. While he was not as honorable as them, Jack must have received 10 billion or so.

With that reassuring thought, Selena playfully rolled her eyes at Jack and pinched his waist. “Jack White, why didn’t you say so earlier? Why do you have to worry me?”

Selena then followed up when a thought occurred to her, “Still, you’re not at fault. If my mother knew about it, I’m afraid my mother might yell at you and demand a pretty sum. You can’t tell her about it. This must remain a secret,” Selena suggested thoughtfully.

“Ah, my dear wife is right. I had a hard time buying this necklace for you, so you’ll have to keep and wear it, alright?” Jack chuckled wholeheartedly.


Glancing at the time, Selena turned her head to the hotel’s general manager. “You can now serve the dishes!”

“Very well, Mrs. White.” Once the performance on-stage was paused, the general manager of the hotel sauntered up to the stage and announced through the microphone, “Everyone, please take your seats and get ready to be served with delicious food!”

The owner of the hotel also went up to the stage and boisterously spoke, “Hello everyone, I’m the owner of this hotel. Today’s the happiest and most glorious day in my life, all thanks to Mr. and Mrs. White for ushering in so many distinguished guests and even invited the honorable Nine Great Gods of War!”

The owner momentarily paused before he added, voice louder than before, “Therefore, I’ve decided that all the expenses on Mr. and Mrs. White’ wedding banquet will be on the hotel!”

“What? What was that?! It’ll be on them? It’s all free now? Won’t the owner lose a lot of money?”

Fiona’s face beamed with joy and excitement at the owner’s words. The expenses on the wedding party today was estimated to be at least one or two billion, not to mention that there were so many expensive food and wine. If the words were not from the hotel’s owner himself nor the loud declaration through the microphone, Fiona would have doubted her own ears.

“This can’t be a mistake, right?”

Joan and Andrew were both dumbfounded with the same look of disbelief.

Old Master Taylor, on the other hand, smiled warmly. “Well, what do you know? So many Gods of War have come here today, thus his business from today onward will only skyrocket. He gets to receive such success, all thanks to Jack. The aftermath of this grandest wedding banquet is downright staggering—they’ll be busy counting money. Moreover, business in a seven-star hotel won’t be too good usually because it’s too expensive!”

Old Master Taylor then turned his gaze toward the stage, his eyes filled with wisdom. “The most crucial thing is that today he has taken a photo with us, and the Nine Great Gods of War are in it too. It’s a great attraction point; he can just say that the Nine Great Gods of War had come to their hotel and feasted in a banquet! His business won’t go down after that!”

“Oh, so that’s how it is. I thought so! How could he be so kind and charged us nothing? So there is such a benefit for him!”

Realization dawned on Fiona then, but it did not matter as the hotel charged not a single penny on them. For them, that was a gain!

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