No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0861

“From today onward, whenever the Nine Great Gods of War, Mr. and Mrs. White, as well as their family, come to our hotel, it will be free!”

The owner of the hotel smiled blandly and announced the benefits.

“Wow, that’s fantastic! Dear, we can come here often to eat all for free!”

Fiona could barely conceal her delight that she practically yelled into Andrew’s ear.

Andrew’s face dulled in return. “Will you really come often? It’s okay if you come once in a while, but if you do often, won’t you feel embarrassed? Moreover, the money that the Nine Great Gods of War have given Selena today is already nine billion dollars with the rest given by others, we’ll get around ten billion, right? We have so much money now, you can’t afford to pay for a meal?”

Only then did realization hit Fiona that she and her family, indeed, were rich enough now. There was no need to take advantage of such a perk.

Nevertheless, she rolled her eyes at Andrew and uttered, “What do you know? This represents our family’s status and image in this city! Even for people like James Drake, when he comes here to have a meal, he’ll have to pay! The Drakes are no ordinary people; they’re someone who can just use their status and reputation to get anything they want, it’s not about money right now, it’s all about our status and reputation!”

Andrew gave some thoughts on the matter and finally, he bobbed his head to show his agreement. It made sense after all.

“All right, all right. Everyone, please enjoy your meal! I hope you are satisfied with our service!”

The owner of the hotel ended the commotion with a delightful ending.

Since there were too many people at the sightseeing platform, those A-list celebrities as well as some ordinary businessmen, knew that they were not qualified to sit there. Hence, consciously they went to the private rooms a few floors below.

On the other hand, Jack and Selena sat at a table with the Nine Great Gods of War.

“C’mon! Let’s drink up! We must have a few more glasses today!”

Fernando stood up from his seat and chortled brightly.

“A few more glasses? Only a few more? We have to at least empty a few bottles!”

Lana teased with a wide and elated grin plastered on her face.

At this moment, on the opposite side of the roof of the six-star hotel, Cecelia and the others were upset that their faces were as dark as coal; resentment grew within them like a malignant tumor.

They were no fool. The Nine Great Gods of War were all on the other side, and those who told them that they would come back after sending their blessings and gifts to Jack, would not return any more. It was certain that none of them would come back to Cecelia’s wedding unless their brains were nothing but full of grass.

“Dad, what should we do? We’ve spent a lot of money on all the food and wine. Each table here cost up to eight hundred thousand dollars!”

Kelly wheeled his head and looked at the empty tables and chairs behind him, his heart sank to the deepest. He was speechless. Everything was prepared nicely to cater up to thousands of guests. All the food and alcohol were already prepared. It was impossible to turn back now.

“What should we do? The correct question should be what else can we do!”

The head of the Gold family trembled with rage, anger rose in him like a ride. He glared deadly at Kelly and Cecelia. “It’s all your fault! Both of you! Why did you have to choose the same day with Selena? Look what brought us in the end? Empty hall!”

He exasperated and stomped right after he ended his last sentence. Then he yelled again, “Go and ask those singers, cameramen, and whoever to come over to eat. We’ll go back immediately after the meal!”

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