No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0862

Cecilia got angrier the more she thought about it, but she could not do anything about it either. She could only clench her teeth and comfort herself with the knowledge that Jack was going to die soon. He was probably going to explode to death at any time. She needed to see how he died.

Only, they had already finished their meal, and Jack and the others on the opposite quickly finished theirs as well. Judging from the huge screen, asides from the slight redness in his cheeks from drinking plenty of wine, he did not seem to be having any other adverse reactions.

“Strange. Didn’t they say that he would die today? It’s already late in the afternoon. He’s not even showing the slightest symptom. What on earth is Ivan doing? Did he lie to me?”

Cecilia frowned, pondering on the matter.

She thought about it. Then she silently crept to the side and called Ivan.

Ivan, Ken, and the others were all waiting for Jack to drop dead onto the floor as well—to see the sight of his rotten body.

However, up until now, they did not see what they came here for. Because of that, they drank quite a few rounds of alcohol.

Jack was truly the star of the entire city today, and this made them utterly speechless. They could not wait for him to drop dead in front of everyone.

Especially now, when Jack had so much money and even bought the Heart of the Abyss for Selena. It seemed that their relationship would only grow stronger.

Meanwhile, Fiona had been all smiles all day. It was evident that she was growing happier and contented with her son-in-law. There was very little chance for interference unless Jack died or the two were broken up.

Fiona, Ben, Andrew, and everyone else had hated Jack before when he was a good-for-nothing. They had thought that there was still a way to convince Selena to marry a young master from a wealthy family.

Now though, with their reputation bolstered, Jack was no longer a good-for-nothing son-in-law. Instead, he was the exclusive doctor of the nine Gods of War. It was a position that everyone respected and admired.

That was why although Jack was not a God of War or a King of War, his position was still slightly higher than that of the revered militants.

Now the only hope that they had was for the poison to work quickly on Jack—for him to die before their eyes.

They never thought that Cecilia would call Ivan at this moment.

He scanned his surroundings. Then he walked to an empty corner before picking the call up. “Yes, cousin? Is there something wrong?”

“Is there something wrong? Idiot! Of course, there is!”

Cecilia’s chest heaved violently from anger. “Didn’t you and the old man say that you would come over for lunch after presenting your gifts at Selena’s wedding?” she snapped. “Great. The businessmen and James Drake aren’t here—even you guys aren’t here. You’re my family, but not one of you remained at my wedding. It’s so embarrassing!”

As Cecilia spoke, she felt that she suffered so much today. Tears threatened to spill out of her eyes, and her voice turned hoarse.

“Cousin, you can see it for yourself. The Nine Great Gods of War are here. How could we leave? Besides, don’t you know that the old man loves his reputation? He’s drinking with the Gods of War now. This is a matter of reputation for him. Why would he think of you now!”

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