No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0864

Ivan comforted Xena when he saw her getting angry. “It’s not that I don’t believe in you but why does this guy seem to be in such a good shape?”

Xena also frowned. “Doesn’t he have very good medical skills? Didn’t Ethan Hays say that he needs to consult Jack on certain things too? Jack modestly said that it’s an excuse but I don’t think that the miracle-working doctor Ethan Hays is lying about things!” Xena paused before continuing speaking. “Is it possible that this guy has really good medical skills, so he has removed the poison from his body?”

Ivan was also surprised when he heard this. Yes, what if Jack really did it? After all, he’s not a normal doctor and has really strong medical skills. If not, how could he be the one to treat the Nine Great Gods of War?

However, Ivan soon shook his head. “I don’t think that it’s possible. I’ve asked Ken and the others about this poison. The poison hides in the blood and will be undiscoverable in the beginning. Apart from that, there are no obvious symptoms. After around ten days, when the poison has entered his bone marrow and gets distributed to his entire body, there will be no cure for him by then!”

“How’s that possible? How about the antidote from the person who made this poison?” Xena felt that it was quite frightening when she heard this. This weird poison that Ken found was really scary.

Ivan nodded. “If he discovered that he was poisoned during the first ten days, the poison can still be cured with the antidote. However, there will be side effects, even if he’s cured, he might still be paralyzed. After all, this poison is really scary!” Ivan paused for a while before he continued speaking. “However, the antidote wouldn’t work after twenty days. There’s no cure to this poison!”

Xena was quiet for a while after she heard what Ivan said. “Could it be possible that Jack discovered the poison twenty or ten days ago so he managed to detoxify himself?”

Ivan gritted his teeth. “Impossible, how’s that possible? Did you forget that he was uncomfortable when we saw him at his house several days ago? Apart from that, he didn’t know why he was not feeling well. This means that he hasn’t discovered the problem several days ago so he’s surely to die this time!”

“If that’s the case, let’s wait. Let’s wait for some more time, we might be too impatient!” Xena looked at the time. If he didn’t doesn’t succumb to the poison this afternoon, he would tonight.

“that’s right!” Ivan laughed and poured two glasses of wine. He passed one of the glasses to Xena. “Come, baby, let’s do a pre-celebration. Although I have no idea when, but this guy will definitely die today!”

The scene that Ken and Ivan anticipated did not happen at all.

Even at the wee hours at night, nobody saw the scene of Jack dying after everybody had left.

Jack and the others soon brought the Nine Great Gods of War to the Taylor family mansion. They also arranged accommodation for all of the Great Gods.

Many of the Gods of War had planned to stay at the Taylor family for two to three days. This naturally made other powerful people envious of the Taylor family.

After enjoying themselves for two days in Eastfield, eight of the Great Gods left Eastfield with their families.

Two days later, Jack was still alive and was living a better life than anyone else. This caused Ivan, Ken and the rest to feel depressed.

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