No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0865

The group of four consisting of Ken, Ivan, Xena, and Neil gathered again.

“What actually went wrong? It’s been two days since the day he’s supposed to die. I believe that Xena saw Jack consuming the poison with her own eyes!” Ivan looked at Ken after he spoke. “Young Master Ken, were you lied to by others? Either the poison doesn’t have any effects or it’s expired. If not, Jack wouldn’t only have symptoms like dizziness and weakness.”

Ken also started wondering if there was something wrong with his poison after Ivan spoke. He said with a frown on his face, “Could this be possible? I spent a lot of money to buy the poison!”

Neil said with a bitter smile. “It doesn’t matter whose responsibility it is and what went wrong. Those aren’t important now. The most important thing is that Jack is still alive and it’s impossible for Ken and I to get Selena’s heart. So, what should we do next?”

Ken could not help but smile bitterly. “Sigh, the only thing worth being happy about is that the four powerful clans inclusive of the Wilson family, Eagle Clan, and the others, offended somebody strong. Michael Wilson was also killed and we have one less opponent!”

Neil smirked. “Him? Haha, that fatty guy. He’s extremely fat, and he won’t have any hope even if Jack’s dead. He’s craving for what he’s not worthy of. The hopeful people are me and Young Master Ken!”

“I’ve thought about it and it’s best if we employ assassins. The previous assassin failed because that woman was careless. This time, let’s employ more assassins especially those who are at the top of the list. I believe that it will work!” Ivan remained quiet before continuing to say. “It wouldn’t be an issue if we employ more people!”

“This seems to be the only option now. However, this option requires a huge amount of money. It would be impossible to hire several masters from the southwest district killer list without at least five or six hundred million!” Neil smiled bitterly.

Ken curled his hands into fists, gritted his teeth, and said angrily, “What if we come up with two hundred million each? This is the last chance we have. It’s impossible for Fiona and the others to get Selena to file for divorce. The only chance we are left with now is to kill Jack!”

“Alright, I can secretly divert the company’s fund to my account then I can definitely come up with two hundred million!” Ivan was silent for a short moment before nodding. He looked at Neil with Ken.

Neil put on a sour face. “Guys, this is not a small amount of money. How about this, I can borrow some money from several of my friends. I have some money with me now and let’s see if I can make two hundred million within the next three days!”

“Alright, we are set then. After three days, let’s come over here with two hundred million each to make up for the six hundred million before contacting the assassins! This time, it’s a make it or break it opportunity for us!” Ken stood up, exhaled, and said firmly.

Everybody left after they walked out the door.

Ivan and Xena went to a villa that Ivan bought for Xena when she successfully drugged Jack.

Ivan thought about it and said, “Xena, I think that we should sell this villa first. I need the money now and this villa can be sold for fifty million. With that money, we can make two hundred million and get someone to kill Jack!”

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