No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0867

Xena also understood the situation here. She thought about it and nodded. “Alright, honey, I agree to help you. However, you have to promise me that you’ll buy two villas like this after you’ve inherited the Taylor family’s properties.”

“Sure, whatever that belongs to me is yours by then and we will be a family. It would be nothing to buy two houses for you.” Ivan smiled.

At this moment, photos of Jack and the Nine Great Gods of War spread to the public. Now everybody knew that there was a man in Eastfield who could gather all Nine Great Gods of War to have a meal together and this alone, caused a stir in other cities. This was the first time something like this has happened.

However, Jack was troubled by what happened these couple of days. Many people came to him, asking for treatment. There were some with very common diseases and these people still came to Jack for treatment. He was speechless about the situation and wondered how much time he would need to spend treating these people.

Luckily his pretty bodyguards stopped these people at the entrance and did not allow them to come in. Who knew what would happen if these people entered.

Jack finally realized how scary it was for someone’s social status to be raised by a little. Luckily nobody knew that he was the Supreme Warrior, if not, his door frame might just break from the number of people who came to visit him.

In the end, the number of visitors reduced after Jack placed a ‘No Entry’ sign at the entrance.

However, there were still many who refused to give up and wanted to ask Jack for treatment. They only gave up after Jack set up another sign that said ‘100 million dollars per treatment’.

Even then, there were still some rich businessmen who would come asking Jack for help when they encountered diseases that were hard to treat.

Jack did not decline such an opportunity that would earn him 100 million by just treating someone. After all, he was quite free and this was easy money.

After Jack easily treated the cancer of two to three people, his fame increased incredibly and his medical skills were spread to many places.

Just like what Ivan and Old Master Taylor predicted, Selena’s business developed smoothly after the city-stirring wedding.

Ivan was furious when the small factories that cooperated with his companies for outsourcing production actually changed strategies and went to work with Selena instead.

Finally, twelve of the assassins on the Southwest district killer list gradually arrived at Eastfield.

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