No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0869

One of the female assassins frowned and hesitated.

They thought that they were being asked to kill a slightly strong King of War. If that was the case, she would not be as pressured about it.

They had no idea that these three young masters were asking them to kill Jack, the person who caused a stir in the entire Eastfield and country.

“Why? You guys have not fought him yet. Are you all unconfident?” Ken was startled when he saw how these people reacted.

He glanced at the old man who was second on the killer list and said, “Didn’t you say that nobody else would be an issue as long as it’s not a God of War? Why do you guys act like this when you hear that it’s Jack…”

The old man started smiling bitterly. “Brother, we know this person’s combat power very well. However, he’s not a God of War or a King of War to our knowledge, so I alone would be sufficient to kill him. With that said, do you know what I’m afraid of?” The old man paused before continuing. “If this young man could gather all the Nine Great Gods of War, this means that he has a very good relationship with them. We will be in big trouble if we anger the Gods of War because we killed him and if they find out that it was us who killed him!”

Even the man in the first place on the killer list nodded in agreement. “It’s not that we are not confident in killing this guy, we’re just worried about the consequences when we anger the Gods of War. Putting other reasons aside, even if two or three out of the Nine Great Gods of War got angry and investigates this, we would definitely be dead!”

Ken, Ivan, and the others finally realized what was happening.

These originally cold-blooded and fearless assassins were worried because to face the wrath of several Gods of War was a catastrophe to them.

“Don’t you guys worry, we promise that we won’t sell you guys out! We can swear on this!” After staying quiet for some time, Ivan raised his hand and surely said.

Ken, on the other hand, said, “Guys, you’re well-known assassins in the southwest district. Now that you’ve accepted the money, it means that you’ve accepted the mission. It would be unprofessional of you to go against your words now. You’re all masters at the top of the list and wouldn’t others look down on you if this was known by others?”

The twelve well-known killers’ faces darkened when they heard this.

Yes, they were twelve famous assassins. Their reputation would be ruined if news of this incident spread out.

However, the target that they were asked to kill was really peculiar. His identity made killing him even more troublesome than killing the richest man in Eastfield.

“I have an idea!” The female assassin thought about it and said. “We can work together and kill this guy. This is a simple task. However, we have a condition, you have to lure him out of the city and find an uninhibited place here for us to kill him there. This would ensure that nobody knows about what happened. If we made a move in the city, we might leave traces behind and it would be easy for others to investigate!”

The old man, second on the killer list, also nodded. “That would be great as we can get rid of the body easily as well!”

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