No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0870

”Yes, that would be the best option we have!” The man who was number one on the killer list also nodded in agreement!

Ivan and the others felt what the other party said made sense too.

After all, if they really angered several Gods of War, none of them would be able to run away even if these assassins have a way to escape.

Finally, Ivan nodded. “This would work. Let us think of a way to lure Jack out. However, you need to promise us that you will succeed this time! We won’t accept any failures!”

“don’t you worry. This guy is not a God of War, what’s there to be afraid of? Do you think that I’m some useless killer?” The old man, who was second on the list, felt that what Ivan said was quite funny and laughed out loudly.

“That’s right. This guy must have quite a strong combat ability for being able to survive on the battlefield for five years. However, his main position is a doctor, right? So, we don’t need to be afraid of anything. You guys must have overestimated this person by employing so many of us here!” A middle-aged woman smiled coldly as she felt that Ivan and the others were being too careful.

However, this benefitted them as it would be quite simple for so many of them to kill one person. This was a job with easy money guaranteed.

“Don’t underestimate him. Although this guy is only a doctor, he is quite capable of being able to stay on the battlefield for five years.” Neil stepped one step forward. “We know that he once fought some marshals and those marshals failed to match to him. They were killed by Jack in the end!”

“What?!” One of the men who was number 18 on the list was surprised when he heard this. “If that’s the case, this guy has at least the combat ability of a one-star King of War, or maybe that of a two-stars King of War. It’s definitely difficult to handle someone like that!”

“Humph, it might be difficult for you but it’s still not an issue for me!” The old man, second on the list, humphed coldly and still acted indifferently.

“It’s good that you guys are confident. This guy would definitely not escape his fate with so many of you working together this time!” Ken nodded and said. “How about this, let’s go around and take a look. Let’s see where we should lure this guy to so that it would be easier to surround and ambush him. Later on, we will only need to lure him there!”

Everybody started looking around. Finally, an old man jumped onto a tree and looked far away.

When he returned, he had a slight smile at the corners of his mouth. “I’ve discovered a nice place and it would be difficult for that guy to escape!”

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