No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0871

”Where is this place that you are talking about?” The eyes of Ivan and the others lightened up and they quickly asked.

The old man smiled before saying, “Walking toward this direction and in the middle of that forest, there’s a lake. There’s a small island in the middle of the lake and there’s only a small wooden bridge that links to that island. Haha, isn’t Jack’s death guaranteed if he goes to that island? As long as somebody guards the entrance to the bridge, it’s impossible for him to escape even if he realizes that something is wrong!”

“Alright, this place is a really good location. I don’t think that we need to enter the city now. Let’s rest and wait here. We’ll hide on the island after Jack leaves the city. Killing him would be a piece of cake then. Apart from that, if we didn’t enter the city, the Gods of War wouldn’t be able to find anything even if Jack died!” The old man, second on the list, nodded in satisfaction.

“Alright, this is not an issue. How about this, we’ll try our best to lure Jack out tomorrow morning.” After Ivan made the final decision, the one dozen of assassins left.

After the twelve assassins left, Ivan said to Ken and Neil. “It seems that these assassins are very confident and this is a good thing for us. Jack is definitely dying this time!”

Neil nodded in satisfaction and was secretly relieved. “We’ve tried so hard to make six hundred million and employ these masters. None of them are below the twentieth position on the list. Jack would definitely die in their hands and this is our only chance. If Jack doesn’t die this time around, we would be out of chances!”

Ken smiled bitterly as he spoke. “Why do I feel that we’re actually losing money? Jack is not dead as he might have got rid of the poison. However, his power must have been weakened. It would be quite easy to kill him now. Maybe our bodyguards could have done it and we should have gotten somebody to test his current strength. It’s quite painful for us to spend so much money!”

Ivan’s face darkened when he heard this. “Why didn’t you tell us this earlier? It would have been beneficial if you said something earlier. Now that we’ve spent the money, there’s no way to regret it and we can only continue with the plan!”

Neil was quiet for sometime before saying. “Apart from the three of us, Xena also knows about this. Although she’s not here now, but, I’m afraid that the Gods of War would investigate after Jack dies. Can we rely on Xena? We are screwed if she tells others about this.”

Ken also said. “Women are nosy and they like to show off, especially these women who are really vain. They enjoy showing-off. What if she tells somebody about what happened today just to show-off? This would put us in a terrible position!”

Ivan smiled coldly after he heard them. “Don’t you guys worry, I am not planning to keep this woman by my side any longer. After some time, I will think of a way to kill her. After all, this woman is useless to us now. I got together with her so that she would do something for us. This woman is a bad person, how can I really marry her?”

“Young Master Ivan, what you said makes sense. We are in the company of the right person!” Neil laughed. “If you kill her, the possibility of what happened today being exposed would be greatly reduced.”

“That’s right. Young Master Ivan, you can get any woman you want anyway! Now that the Taylor family is progressing so well and you’re the next master of the Taylor family, you need to make good choices!” Ken also nodded in satisfaction. “You cannot keep a woman like Xena, who would do anything for money, by your side. Apart from that, I heard that she’s been with many other men!”

Ivan nodded in agreement. “Wait a couple of days. I will kill her in a couple of days!”

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