No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0872

”Haha, you’re a man of courage!” Neil laughed. He thought about the situation and said again. “By the way, it wouldn’t be easy to lure Jack out. Why would he believe in us without a probable cause?”

Ken also nodded. “All of us here have some sort of dispute with Jack. Right now, this guy definitely hates us and we can’t just ask him out for tea, right?”

Ivan started frowning when he heard what both Ken and Neil said. This was definitely a troublesome task. Jack was a smart person, why would he believe in them without a good excuse?

He started thinking about it and soon his eyes lit up. “There is a way but we need to continue gathering money for it!”

“What?!” Ken and Neil were speechless when they heard that they needed to gather money again. They spent a lot of effort to come up with the previous two hundred million and it would be very difficult for them to gather money again now.

“How much? We wouldn’t be able to do anything if it’s a huge sum! Jack is not a womanizer or we could have utilized that!” Ken was quiet for some time before he asked.

Ivan replied. “Not really. This time, we only need to gather one hundred million. With the three of us here, both of you will be in charge of thirty million each and I will come up with forty million. After we’ve gathered one hundred million, we just need to find someone to lie to Jack about having a father who’s very sick and bring him to the island.

Ken said in realization, “I understand what you’re trying to do here. Many people went to sought after Jack’s treatment and this guy was very annoyed by these people. So he set a rule where people needed to pay him one hundred million for each treatment. Although he set a high price, there are still many who are going to him for treatment and he’s earned quite a bit from this!”

Neil continued in agreement, “Yes, we can use this as an excuse to get him to leave the city and come to the island to carry out treatment!”

They went on separate ways to gather money after they ended their discussion.

At the same moment, Fiona was extremely happy in the Taylor family villa.

“Oh my, this son-in-law of mine is such an amazing person. He helped treat someone again today and earned one hundred million. Tsk tsk, these businessmen are really afraid of death. Once they are really sick, they will spend money to ask my son-in-law for treatment, no matter how expensive it is!”

Right now, Fiona was incredibly satisfied with Jack. She felt that there was only one son-in-law in this world who was such a capable person. He was not only a great fighter, he also had great medical skills and earned a lot of money.

The most crucial point was that Jack was a very generous person. He gave Fiona, Joan, Ben, and Andrew one hundred million each to spend as they pleased.

“Of course. I knew that my son was not a simple person!” Joan’s face was filled with a huge smile. Jack had finally excelled and she had nothing else to worry about for the rest of her life. She planned to spend her life in peace here and wait for the day where she got another grandchild.

Putting everything else aside, Jack was a person who nobody in Eastfield dared offend.

She even discovered that Neil and Ken, who used to crave for Selena, seldom caused them trouble recently. Michael Wilson had died and everything was developing in a better direction.

“Of course, of course!” Now that Fiona was rich, her hatred for Jack had ceased. Every time she attended gatherings with other rich madams, she praised Jack for his ability and how capable her son-in-law was. This change caused Jack, Joan, and others to be slightly dumbfounded.

At this moment, a pretty bodyguard walked over and spoke to Jack. “Master, somebody is looking for you and they are waiting for you in the private room located on the second floor of the Confidante Cafe! They are asking for you to go over now!”

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