No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0875

The middle-aged man immediately nodded.

“such alacrity. There was someone who tried to negotiate the price previously. We don’t accept any negotiation!” Fiona was happy and immediately passed a piece of paper to the man. “Here are the details of the bank account and you can make the transfer. Don’t you worry, my son-in-law is definitely certain. If he can’t cure your wife, he would definitely return this money to you!”

The other party quickly made the transfer and drove Jack toward outside of the city.

“We’re not staying in Eastfield?” Jack was stunned and asked the man driving the car when he saw that they were leaving the city.

“miracle-working doctor Jack, don’t you worry. We’ll still be in Eastfield. It’s just that both me and my wife like some quiet time to ourselves so we built a small hut in a remote area outside of the city. We like to fish by the lake when we’re free!” The man explained happily.

Soon, the man parked his car in front of a forest and said to Jack, “I’m sorry Doctor Jack but there’s no road in front of us and I can’t drive-in. We can only park here and you’ll have to walk over with me. However, it’s not too far away. We’ll soon reach that place after we go through these woods!”

“Alright!” Jack got out of the car with that man and smiled coldly in secret when he saw the situation around him.

This man was obviously lying.

He could also feel that this might be a trap.

However, he was too lazy to expose the other party. He followed behind the man and they soon walked through the woods, reaching in front of a lake.

In front of them, there was a small wooden bridge that led to the island in the middle of the lake. They could vaguely see a small, worn-out hut not far away from the middle of the island.

“I had no idea that you and your wife enjoyed living life like this!” Jack smiled. The man led the way in front and Jack followed behind him as they crossed the bridge.

The man smiled embarrassingly. He walked forward while explaining, “Well, both my wife and I enjoy quietness as we were quite tired of the hustle and bustle of the city. That’s why we found such a quiet place to rest at. Of course, we still constantly go into the city to buy food and other necessities!”

They soon reached the small island.

After they reached a small patch of woods on the island, Jack stopped. “Come out, all of you, I’m not dumb! Since you’ve chosen this place as your grave, I will definitely grant your wishes!”

“Doctor Jack, what are you talking about?” The middle-aged man turned around with a frowned and asked on purpose.

“stop pretending. There’s no wife of yours in that hut, am I right? Even if there is, that woman must also be an assassin who’s going to kill me, right?” Jack laughed. “If you really visit this place often with your wife, then the place where you parked your car would have visible tire marks. However, that place doesn’t look like any cars were parked there!”

“If that’s the case, you’ve realized since early on that something wasn’t right?” The middle-aged man laughed coldly. “You saw that something wasn’t right but you still followed me. Tsk, tsk… You’re really confident in yourself!”

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