No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0878

These bodyguards, who were extremely strong and have killed many people were actually afraid at this moment.

After all, the combat power of an assassin second on the list was not something to be exaggerated. However, that person was easily killed by Jack.

With two more waves of the sword, two of the men who had lower rankings on the killer list were killed.

“All of us attack together!” the man with the hammer stepped forward once again and rushed toward Jack.

This time, Jack did not give the man any opportunities. He disappeared in a flash and suddenly appeared behind the man’s back, swinging his sword at him.

The man only saw a flash in front of his eyes and Jack disappeared. Following Jack’s disappearance, a sense of crisis, which caused his scalp to turn numb appeared and it frightened him.

He wanted to turn and fight back but it was too late. The sword flashed and the man fell to the ground.

Jack continued to wave his sword and the sword air rushed toward the enemies, killing several.

“Sh*t, we are not this guy’s opponent. It’s impossible for us to go near him with all his sword air!” One of the assassins was almost in despair. After just a short moment, eight of them were dead and the rest of them were not even close to touching Jack.

“Run, this guy’s combat power is comparable to that of a God of War!” The man, first on the killer list, wanted to turn around and run.

Unfortunately, Jack did not give them the opportunity to do so. He killed them with several swings of his sword and the assassins fell to the floor with a look of horror in their eyes.

“Im-impossible! How…how is this possible?! These dozen people are masters on the killer list!” Neil and Ken were in disbelief. The twenty-plus bodyguards they brought over were so frightened that their legs turned into jelly.

“it’s your turn!” Jack laughed and walked toward them, one step after another.

“Attack! Attack him! Stall him!” Ken was so frightened that he yelled at his bodyguards while he turned around and was ready to escape.

“Run!” Those bodyguards were extremely afraid. There were so many masters there and none of them were Jack’s opponents. How could they, normal bodyguards, be Jack’s opponents?

Jack smirked coldly and soon caught up with these people. He killed Ken and the rest on the spot.

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