No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0879

Jack flipped his hand and hid the needles in his hand as he looked at the enemies’ bodies on the floor. Ken and Neil had been scheming against him. He had already provided them with several opportunities but they were still obsessed with getting him so they can not blame it on him.

It was a good thing to kill these opponents as it would guarantee him a peaceful life in the future.

However, Jack was wondering why both Ivan and Xena did not come over. It would have been better if the both of them came over as this would prevent him from any other worries if he killed them too.

Especially Xena, who poisoned him previously. If she was here, Jack would not have shown her any mercy.

At this moment, an old man was smiling indifferently inside a courtyard house and cupped his hand at Joan. “Greetings my lady, I’m the White family’s current butler. We invited you here today in hopes that both you and the young master can return to the White family. The family is in danger right now and the master is gravely ill…”

The young woman by the old man’s side also spoke up. “Yes, auntie… After all, Jack is the master’s son and we hope that he can acknowledge his family!”

Joan started smiling coldly when she heard what they said, “How did you people treat us previously? You are hoping my son will go back now that he’s had some achievements?”

Joan’s eyes turned red as she spoke. “Do you guys know how I survived all these years with Jack? Do you guys know how hard our lives were?”

“Auntie, how…how could that have happened? Didn’t the master ask people to send you guys one million every year? Although it’s not a lot, it should be sufficient for you guys to live a comfortable life, right?” The old man frowned. He knew that one million was a small amount for the White family but it was definitely sufficient for normal people to live a comfortable life.

“What? One million?” Joan was stunned and disbelief was written all over her face. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Since when did Nash White give us one million every year? We’ve never received anything! When I was sick previously and needed one million for my surgery, Jack knelt in front of the White family mansion for the entire night. As a result, he was insulted and hit by a group of people led by a woman. We were even asked to leave!”

“A woman?” The old man was startled and immediately said, “Auntie, we had no idea about this. As the White family’s butler, I didn’t know that something like this happened!” He paused here and finally spoke in realization. “No wonder Jack had such a strong attitude when we met him yesterday and refused to follow us back home. There’s a huge misunderstanding between us!”

“You didn’t know this? The woman said that she did it under the orders of the butler and master. She asked Jack to go away and even called him a b*stard child…” Joan was also surprised and immediately replied.

“I get it now!” The old man curled his hands into fists. “It must be that woman, Lily Lagorio. She’s such an intolerant person and does such terrible things. The master still asked someone to send you money although he did not have much power in the White family and dared not fetch you guys back because he was afraid of the Lagorio family. It seems that Lily must be the one who did this bad deed!”

“This woman…” Joan smiled coldly. “She bullied us mother and son years ago.” Joan continued speaking. “This is quite funny to me as Nash White never came looking for us for so many years. Why did he come now? Apart from that, he was afraid of the Lagorio family years ago but he wanted their help to make the White family a reclusive aristocratic family. Why? Is he not afraid of them anymore?”

The old man smiled bitterly and spoke helplessly, “The Lagorio family was quite strong previously and provided the White family with a lot of help. However, now that the White family has already become a reclusive aristocratic family, the Lagorio family lost many masters in a big fight after they offended another family. The Lagorio family status has now declined!”

“because he’s not afraid of the Lagorio family now, he wants to admit that Jack is his son?” Joan laughed coldly. “He’s a coward who caused Jack so much suffering. Jack wouldn’t have to go to the battlefield if he didn’t need to save me. Luckily my son survived all of this. If not, Jack would have died on the battlefield and I won’t have the chance to see my son again! I’m not forgiving Nash White so easily!”

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