No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0880

”Madam, you can’t blame it on the master as he had his own difficulties. As the White family master, he had to consider the best for the entire family! Apart from that, he did arrange for one million to be given to you every year and nobody here knew about the incident where your son knelt outside the house for an entire night!” The old man spoke anxiously. “Hence, it must be that woman, Lily Larogio, who asked her worker to lie to you, creating such a huge misunderstanding between us!”

The young woman thought about it and also said, “Auntie, it’s fine if you don’t want to forgive the master. However, the master is dying and I really hope that you will go back with the young master to visit him. Think of it as your chance to pay your last respect to the master. Master has been mumbling your name every day. I believe that he would come to meet Young Master Jack if he can get out of bed now!”

“Are things that bad now?” Joan was slightly worried when she heard what the young girl said. After all, she once loved Nash and he was undeniably Jack’s father.

Joan was not worried when she heard the old man say that Nash was seriously ill. She knew that the White family was now a reclusive aristocratic family. This meant that they had plenty of great subordinates and masters with them. Nash would be easily treated even if he was sick. However, it seemed to be a serious problem that could not be easily solved.

“The master’s condition is quite serious. We employed many well-known doctors previously but nothing has worked!” The young lady smiled bitterly and continued speaking. “Now, the master’s only hope is for Young Master Jack to return and inherit the White family’s properties. He hopes that the both of you can forgive him for his incompetence years ago and his inability to take care of you!”

“Inherit the properties? Didn’t Lily have a son with him? Why does he need Jack to return and inherit the family properties?” Joan was surprised and felt that things had grown increasingly complicated.

Apart from that, it was impossible for Lily to let Jack inherit the White family properties according to her character as she was Nash White’ wife.

The old man smiled bitterly before speaking, “He went into an unknown forest with several young masters from other families, he never returned after. We think that he might have been eaten by the beasts in the forest!”

“How’s that possible? Didn’t you guys send anyone over to try and find him?” Joan was extremely surprised. Nash and Lily had only one son and they must be extremely upset if he was dead.

No wonder Nash wanted Jack to return and inherit the family’s properties because Lily and his only son was deemed dead.

“Alright, I’ve understood what is going on and I will explain everything to Jack. However, I’m not sure what his decisions are but I will honor whatever he decides!” Joan thought about it and said.

“We’ve rented this house for one week. If Jack is willing to follow us back, he can come over anytime within this week!”


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