No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0881

The old man thought about it and spoke to Joan again. “One of the doctors said that the master cannot live more than three months with his current condition. Hence, no matter what, we hope that you can be there within three months.”

The old man passed a name card to Joan after he spoke.

“Alright!” Joan took the card, glanced at the address on it, and finally left.

After Joan left, the young woman asked, “Butler, do you think that Jack would go over?”

The old man smiled bitterly. “I’m not sure about that. However, I believe that since Joan took the name card, she would try to convince Jack. Sigh, what to do… The White family owes them too much and I can understand no matter what decision they make!”

The young woman frowned after she thought about it. “However, Madam Lily would be unhappy if she knew how we are trying to get Jack to come back. That woman looks happy all the time but I’m afraid that Jack would be in danger once he returns to the White family!”

The old man started frowning too. “That is quite a big problem. However, the great and the other elders would be on Jack’s side as they are respectful toward the master’s words. The elders from the Lagorio family who stayed and worked for the White family, however, would have a hard time agreeing to it! But since the great elder and the others are very powerful, it wouldn’t be a problem. They would be able to suppress whoever that disagrees!”

The young lady nodded. “I really hope that Jack can go back. There must be something special about him as he could grow up independently in the outside world on his own. Apart from that, he even got the Nine Great Gods of War to join his wedding. That is proof of his capabilities!”

“Yes, he has really good medical skills. I wonder if he can treat the master after he returns!” The old man smiled bitterly after he spoke. “Although I think it is very difficult and even if he’s capable, he might not agree to help do the treatment. However, we have a little more hope if he’s going back. Apart from that, I’m afraid that Lily would not let him off the hook even if he doesn’t go back!”

“How’s that possible?!” The young woman gaped in disbelief. “Although Lily hated Joan and the master for having a bastard child but both of them never went back all these years. They never wanted to fight for the White family’s properties. They’ve already left to such a small town and Lily still won’t let him go?”

“Previously, the Lagorio family was an indispensable power to the White family and the maiden family was the support for Lily. His son would also definitely inherit the White family master!”

“Now that the Lagorio family is out of the question and the White family has grown stronger, do you think Lily would remain calm especially when her son has disappeared? Although everybody is still searching for him, he’s been gone for one month and it’s quite obvious that he’s dead. So, if Jack returns, he would definitely be the candidate for the next master!” The old man smiled coldly. “This time, we sneaked out but we cannot let Lily know why we came out. We will be in the clear after we’ve brought the young master back! After all, it will be difficult for Lily to make a move as there are so many people observing and the great elder will be protecting the young master!”

“Unfortunately, Jack refused to go back. If he doesn’t go back and the master dies after two to three months, the White family would be in chaos!” The young woman thought about what would happen to the White family and was incredibly worried. “Oh my, the White family worked so hard to become a reclusive family, we can’t have an internal fight just because there’s no leader!”

The old man shook his head helplessly. “So the both of us have a very huge responsibility this time. Sadly, we cannot stay here for a long time or it would cause Lily to grow suspicious and I’m afraid that she would come looking for us!” The old man paused before continuing speaking. “Especially when Jack’s wedding stirred the entire Daxia. Although reclusive families like us and the Gin City’s ten great families don’t pay much attention to these Gods of War, I’m afraid that Lily would learn about how Jack got the Nine Great Gods of War to attend his wedding!”

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