No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0884

”Sigh, this is so troublesome. The old master said that he feels bad as we caused the Gold family to be ashamed so we need to go over early in the morning and have lunch with them. This means that we would need to meet Jack and Selena again!” It was morning and Ivan was speaking impatiently as he stepped out of the hotel.

Xena, who was by his side, commented, “Especially Fiona, she has been showing herself off now that their family’s rich. It’s as if she’s afraid that other people don’t know how rich her family is. She buys branded bags and lots of clothes every day. Does she think she can manage to wear all of them?”

Ivan was speechless when he heard Xena’s jealous words. If Xena was rich, she would be acting the same as Fiona did.

At this moment, Jack and the others were already taking a stroll at the Taylor family mansion.

Although the Gold family master, Kelly, and other gold family members were unhappy about what happened the other day, they still smiled happily when they saw Jack. They did not show their anger, instead, there was a feeling of deliberate flattery. They obviously knew how scary Jack was. How could they offend a man who earned 100 million for every person he treated?

They even knew that Selena’s new company was growing well. With its current development, the company would surpass the original Taylor family’s company. If that was the case, the Taylor family would definitely become a first-class aristocratic family soon.

They might even surpass the Drake family after two to three years.

Under such circumstances, how could they still offend Jack and Selena?

They could only please them and not offend them. After all, they were members of the Taylor family and were considered the Gold family’s relatives. Would they not be making their lives difficult if they did not please such powerful relatives?

Cecilia’s face darkened when she saw how the Gold family master, Kelly, and others were chit-chatting happily with Jack.

However, she knew clearly that she could not do anything even though she was secretly unhappy.

At this moment, several young people arrived at the Taylor family mansion’s entrance.

“Master Taylor, Old Master Taylor, get out here!” One of the men yelled loudly after he arrived at the entrance.

“Who’s that? How dare you cause trouble here? Are you suicidal?” Two of the bodyguards who were guarding the door immediately walked over angrily when they saw how wanton this person was.

Everybody in Eastfield knew to not offend and cause trouble with the Taylors because of Jack.

The two men and two women in front of them were suicidal for being so arrogant in front of them.

However, the man smiled coldly and pulled his sword out. He rushed forward and attacked both bodyguards. Both bodyguards directly covered their necks and fell to the ground.

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