No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0885

”Who’s that? How dare they cause trouble at our Taylor family mansion!” Jack, Theodore, and the others who were taking a stroll in the yard walked over.

Theodore was the Taylor family master so he naturally walked in front. The old master, Jack, and the others followed behind him.

“there’s quite a huge number of people!” The man laughed before speaking. “Years ago, didn’t we ask for a young man from the Taylor family who reached the age of 18 to join the war? Why did I receive news that the bastard Ivan is still alive?”

“Who are you people? What does the internal affairs of our family have to do with all of you?” Theodore frowned when he heard this. The four people in front of them were not simple people. He was worried, especially when he saw how speedy the man who attacked their bodyguards was.

“how about you? Who are you?” The man on the opposite end did not answer Theodore’s question. Instead, he smiled coldly and said, “If I did not see wrongly, you’re the Taylor family master, right? I have no idea that you have already forgotten about us after five years. Did you forget how your son touched my fiance’s butt when I was not around years ago?”

“You…You are from Gin city?” Theodore’s face turned pale when he recalled what happened years ago and inhaled deeply.

Years ago, these people gave Ivan a beating because he offended them.

However, they said that they would make Ivan regret what he did before they left.

Nobody knew that the country started enlisting soldiers for the war not long after and the Taylor family was appointed a quota. It so happened that the only person in the entire Taylor family who fulfilled all the conditions was Ivan Taylor.

The Taylor family knew at that moment that the people who came from the Gin City were people they could not afford to offend. If not, why were they so powerful?

“that’s right. If we didn’t know that your family is famous now because you have a son-in-law who married into your family and is someone who can get all the Gods of War to attend his wedding, we wouldn’t have known that you people secretly swapped the person who was supposed to join the war!” The man laughed. He pointed his sword straightforwardly and directly addressed Theodore. “We were still young and not as powerful five years ago. We wanted to torture your family so we gave you face. We only asked for Ivan to join the war and for him to die on the battlefield. We have no idea that you guys were so daring to ask a son-in-law who married into your family to join the war. Today, surrender Ivan to us and let us kill him here. If not, don’t blame us for killing your entire Taylor family!”

“Young man, you can’t blame us for what happened years ago, right? None of you specially assigned Ivan to be the one to join the battlefield in the beginning! Apart from that, although Jack is just a son-in-law who married into our family but he’s also considered as one of our Taylor family members. His age and other conditions fulfilled the requirement so we asked him to join the army. We did not violate the regulations the government set!”

At this moment, Old Master Taylor could not bear it anymore and stepped forward. “None of you said that Ivan must join the army. If the government appointed Ivan and he must join the army, we would have definitely let him serve the country. Hence, I hope that all of you would stop looking into this. Jack also served the country well and killed many enemies leading to his achievements today!”

“old man, f*cking stop acting dumb. Although we did not appoint Ivan but the only person in your family who fulfills the conditions is Ivan Taylor!” The man gritted his teeth and said angrily. “Do you think that we are dumb? A son-in-law who married into your family is considered as a member of your Taylor family? A son-in-law who married into your family isn’t considered as a member of your family! He’s an outsider!”

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